Welcome to eFestival Ticket! We are a passionate team of festival enthusiasts traveling the country and sharing our experiences. During our free time, we are dedicated to creating the most extensive online database of music festivals.

Our Journey

Back in 2021, two festival aficionados launched this platform to fuel our excitement for live music events. Since then, eFestival Ticket has evolved into a powerhouse of festival news, reviews, and captivating photos. We’ve crafted convenient one-page guides for over 20 festivals and counting.

Our Vision

We established this website to serve as a central hub for comprehensive music festival coverage. Many official festival websites overwhelm you with information, while all you really need are key details. At eFestival Ticket, our aim is to swiftly offer you the essential information about your favorite summer shows: the dates, locations, lineups, and ticket prices. Explore our user-friendly festival guides for details on ticket costs, current lineups, and venue specifics.