Canadian Music Week Festival 2024 & Conference in Canada's Toronto international music industry

The Canadian Music Week festival will take place in Toronto in the first few days of June 2024. It is regarded as Canada’s top music business and networking event.

The festival features:

  • 900+ bands playing
  • 60+ venues
  • Rockpopindieelectronic genres
  • Affordable $100 wristband

Additionally, it holds a three-day music summit conference with professionals and leaders in the field as speakers. They talk about the latest music industry developments, issues, and trends. The Westin Harbour Castle hotel in downtown Toronto is the location.

Canadian Music Week Festival 2024 & Conference in Canada’s Toronto international music industry

The Canadian Music Week (CMW) festival is Canada’s largest annual music and entertainment festival, held in Toronto every June. It will happen from June 2–8 in 2024.

Since its inception in 1981, CMW has developed into the nation’s top music industry gathering. It includes a multi-day live music festival and a jam-packed conference schedule.

CMW Conference

From June 3–5, 2024, the Westin Harbour Castle hotel in downtown Toronto will host the three-day CMW conference. Delegates from throughout the world and the United States are present at this convention, including musicians, managers, producers, agencies, publishers, and more.

The CMW conference has continued to be the nation’s most significant yearly music industry networking event over the years. It gives specialists in the field a platform to:

  • Exchange ideas
  • Explore trends
  • Make new connections
  • Discover new Canadian music

CMW Festival

Canadian Music Week Festival 2024 & Conference in Canada's Toronto international music industry

More than 900 artists will perform at more than 60 locations in Toronto as part of the CMW event. It provides weeklong performance bracelets for less than $100. The event features music from a variety of genres, including rock, pop, indie, and techno.

Key locations for shows include:

  • The Horseshoe Tavern
  • Lee’s Palace
  • The Rivoli
  • The Garrison
  • Adelaide Hall

In addition to live music, CMW hosts panels, awards ceremonies, mentoring sessions, and networking events.

Impact on Canadian Music

Since its inception in 1981, Canadian Music Week has had a significant impact on the music scene in the nation.

  • Provided exposure for emerging Canadian musicians
  • Attracted international music industry interest
  • Supported the development of Canada’s music sector
  • Celebrated icons and influenced generations of artists

In conclusion, CMW remains Canada’s top music conference and festival, highlighting homegrown talent and bolstering the national sector. The CMW event in 2024 is expected to be the biggest and best one ever!

Music Performances

Canadian Music Week’s music festival section includes hundreds of live concerts at various Toronto venues. It will happen from June 2–8 in 2024.

The cost of a festival wristband, which allows access to performances at more than 60 venues, is around $100. CMW becomes one of the finest value music festivals available as a result.

Genres Showcased

The CMW festival features a wide range of musical genres and up-and-coming artists. Key genres featured include:

  • Rock
  • Pop
  • Indie
  • Electronic
  • Hip hop
  • Folk
  • Jazz
  • and more

Alongside well-known acts from Canada and overseas, up-and-coming Canadian musicians perform.

Notable Venues

Top CMW festival locations offering showcases include:

  • The Horseshoe Tavern
  • Lee’s Palace
  • The Rivoli
  • Adelaide Hall
  • The Garrison
  • Velvet Underground
  • Hard Luck
  • Mod Club
  • Phoenix Concert Theatre

These places may be found on Queen Street West and along Spadina Avenue, among other prestigious locations.

Festival Highlights

Canadian Music Week Festival 2024 & Conference in Canada's Toronto international music industry

At CMW, there are several festival highlights, as 900+ acts will be performing. There are a few major things to anticipate:

  • Headline concerts at Rebel, Phoenix Concert Theatre
  • Special guest DJs spinning electronic sets
  • Showcase performances by Juno nominees
  • International acts from the UK, Europe, Australia
  • Massey Hall’s sneakers-only party
  • Pop-up music activations

Planning Your Schedule

Before the festival in June, the CMW schedule is made public in the middle of May. Reviewing the itinerary and making preparations in advance are vital with so many acts performing.

  • Use the CMW app to view schedule
  • Identify must-see artists and venues
  • Coordinate with friends
  • Allow flexibility to discover new acts

In conclusion, the CMW festival provides a fantastic opportunity to experience new music and witness top Canadian performers. It is a top music event on the summer calendar due to the reasonably priced wristband and the large number of events.

Music Summit Conference

Canadian Music Week Festival 2024 & Conference in Canada's Toronto international music industry

For those working in the music business, the Canadian Music Week festival also features a multi-day conference. The CMW Music Summit will be held at Toronto’s downtown Westin Harbour Castle from June 3–5, 2024.


This intensive 3-day conference consists of:

  • Panels
  • Workshops
  • Mentor sessions
  • Keynote speeches
  • Networking events

Hundreds of domestic and international delegates attend each year – including artists, managers, label execs, publishers, producers, and more.

Speakers & Topics

Renowned speakers who are pioneers and leaders in the international music industry are featured at the CMW Music Summit.

They talk on current industry trends, problems, and possibilities. Some example topics:

  • Music streaming and tech
  • Building artist careers
  • New revenue models
  • The rise of AI music
  • Royalties and rights
  • The metaverse future
  • Music for social change

In-depth programs are also available on topics including women in the music industry, mental health in the field, and others.

Networking Opportunities

Canadian Music Week Festival 2024 & Conference in Canada's Toronto international music industry

The CMW Music Summit not only offers educational seminars, but also beneficial networking opportunities.

  • Meet artists and industry players
  • Exchange ideas and lessons learned
  • Foster collaborations and partnerships
  • Discover new Canadian music
  • Expand professional contacts

Through mixers, gatherings, cocktail receptions, and other events, CMW encourages these relationships.

Why Attend?

Key explanations why music industry experts ought to go to the CMW Music Summit in 2024 are as follows:

  • Stay on top of industry trends
  • Connect with the Canadian music scene
  • Exchange ideas with fellow professionals
  • Advance your career through networking
  • Return to your job reenergized and inspired

In conclusion, the CMW Music Summit is Canada’s finest music business conference because it provides an unmatched professional growth and networking experience. Be sure to attend in June 2024!

Canada’s International Music Industry

In recent decades, Canada has emerged as a significant global player in the music business. The nation has given birth to well-known festivals, famous groups, and international celebrities.

Canadian Music Stars

Currently, some of the biggest musicians in the world are Canadian:

  • Justin Bieber
  • The Weeknd
  • Shawn Mendes
  • Drake
  • Avril Lavigne
  • Celine Dion
  • Grimes
  • Bryan Adams

Canada is known for driving pop culture and trends, from the 90s explosion of Alanis Morissette to today’s reign of The Weeknd and Bieber.

Music Festivals

There are top-notch music events in Canada that draw followers from around the world:

  • Osheaga in Montreal
  • WayHome in Oro-Medonte
  • NXNE in Toronto
  • Pemberton in BC
  • Canadian Music Week
  • JUNO Awards

These events have a significant economic impact and promote Canadian music internationally. Over 135,000 spectators attended Osheaga alone in 2022.

Industry Organizations

Numerous associations exist in Canada that promote the growth of the music industry.

  • Music Canada
  • Canadian Music Week
  • CARAS (The JUNOs)
  • The Felix Awards
  • Unison Benevolent Fund
  • Advance

These associations offer money, support, resources, and networking opportunities for Canadian musicians.

Global Export

Artists and content from the Canadian music scene have been effectively exported worldwide. Breakout moments include:

  • The Weeknd’s US Grammy wins
  • Drake’s chart domination
  • Justin Bieber’s global fandom
  • Metric’s international tours
  • Canadian artists getting signed to US labels

The home scene and economy are strengthened by this international export of Canadian music.

In conclusion, Canada has solidified its position as a global force in music through its exports of world-renowned artists, festivals, organizations, and organizations. For many years to come, the nation will undoubtedly continue to dominate the music world.

Music Scene in Toronto

As Canada’s largest city, Toronto has developed into the country’s leading hub for live music and homegrown talent.

Live Music Capital

Toronto has firmly established itself as Canada’s live music capital thanks to the variety of venues, festivals, and native talent there.

Some key elements that make Toronto the country’s premier city for live music:

  • Hundreds of live music venues, from intimate clubs to huge arenas
  • Home of major music festivals like Canadian Music Week, North by Northeast (NXNE), and Field Trip
  • Thriving local musician community with talent across genres – rock, indie, pop, hip hop, jazz, folk, and more
  • Dynamic concert calendar that brings massive acts through town almost every night
  • Diehard live music fans who enthusiastically support the local scene

This mix enables new bands to blossom and amass fervent fan bases while enduring acts to keep evolving. It fosters a thriving environment where live music can flourish.

The extensive concert lineup in Toronto has something to suit every preference. You can catch the following any night:

  • Local indie bands playing a small club
  • Major arena shows like The Weeknd or Elton John
  • Jazz or classical at Koerner Hall
  • DJs spinning at Coda nightclub
  • Punk in dive bars along Queen West

Some upcoming highlights in Toronto’s live music calendar include:

  • Red Hot Chili Peppers at Rogers Centre
  • Canadian Music Week festival in June
  • Foo Fighters at Budweiser Stage
  • Osheaga festival alumni doing club shows
  • The Toronto Jazz Festival along Queen West

Toronto’s status as the nation’s live music hub is cemented by the quantity and caliber of live music alternatives available. No matter your preferences, there are fantastic live performances happening every night.

Local music fans are ardent supporters who eagerly purchase tickets and support local artists. This grassroots enthusiasm fuels the Toronto music scene.

Key Neighborhoods

Toronto is a metropolis with various neighborhoods, each of which contributes to the city’s general music culture in addition to its numerous live music venues.

Some notable regions with storied musical pasts, venues, and vibes:

Queen Street West

  • Queen West’s seedy, artistic stretch, from University to Bathurst
  • renowned rock venues including Horseshoe Tavern, Lee’s Palace, and Cameron House are located here.
  • Street art, hip bars, and vintage stores
  • Trendy epicenter of indie music scene since the 80s

Kensington Market

  • Visiting this beloved bohemian area is like going back in time.
  • Vintage vinyl shops, clothing stores, and head shops
  • On summer Sundays, buskers and drum circles fill the streets.
  • Retro vibes with a punk/hippie twist


  • charming indie art galleries, pubs, and cafes may be found in the East End
  • Relaxed neighborhood shows at pubs like The Running Pony
  • Sunday night jams at The Emerson
  • Homegrown roots music and hipster hangouts


  • Historically working-class, now a hip enclave of artists and musicians
  • Indie talent is highlighted by venues like The Drake and The Local.
  • Vintage clothing shops, guitar stores, craft breweries
  • Gritty lo-fi music scene


  • Neighborhood in the east end along the Don River
  • renowned for its jazz and blues venues, such as Lazy Daisy’s Cafe
  • Close-knit music community, specializing in classic genres
  • vibrant summertime outdoor performances along the waterfront


  • Striking architecture and hipster nightlife
  • intimate performance spaces like The Dakota Tavern and The Painted Lady
  • Trendy bars spotlight local musicians nightly
  • At the epicenter of Toronto’s alternative music hubs

Each community fosters its own distinctive musical tradition and adds to Toronto’s varied live music scene. The best way to enjoy all the distinct musical flavors that Toronto has to offer is to explore various districts.

Notable Venues

Toronto, the capital of live music in Canada, is home to numerous iconic venues that have fostered career launches and important band showcases.

Some of Toronto’s most renowned concert venues include:

Horseshoe Tavern

  • Legendary Queen West venue since 1947
  • Stomping ground for emerging and established country, rock, punk, indie
  • Intimate vibe for 200 people
  • Anchor of Toronto’s live music community

Lee’s Palace

  • Landmark downtown venue since 1985
  • Diverse calendar – rock, metal, hip hop, dance
  • Great sightlines with mezzanine
  • Premiere spot for indie album release shows

Adelaide Hall

  • Chic downtown venue in historic building
  • Capacity of 650
  • Sophisticated experience with balcony and tables
  • Diverse programming – pop, rock, jazz, folk

Velvet Underground

  • Leading downtown venue associated with CMW festival
  • Hosts top DJs and electronic acts
  • Also books hip hop, punk, metal
  • Famous performance space in The Bellagio’s basement

The Rivoli

  • Legendary Queen West venue since 1982
  • Intimate vibe with a capacity of 200
  • Early shows for emerging acts
  • Anchor of Toronto’s live indie music scene

Phoenix Concert Theatre

  • Massive downtown concert hall
  • Holds up to 1000 people
  • State of the art sound and lighting
  • Hosts arena-level acts in an intimate setting

For local musicians trying to establish a reputation in Canada’s live music capital, playing these legendary venues is a rite of passage.They continue building Toronto’s reputation as the country’s premier destination for concerts and showcases.


Toronto is home to numerous live music venues as well as some of the major yearly music festivals in Canada, which highlight the city’s rich musical heritage.

A few significant events in Toronto’s annual calendar are as follows:

Canadian Music Week

  • Massive industry event and music festival
  • Happens in early June
  • 900+ artists play 60+ venues
  • Conference and networking events
  • Showcases emerging and established Canadian talent

North by Northeast (NXNE)

  • Major music festival and conference in June
  • 1000+ bands and 150+ speakers/films
  • Celebrates indie music and arts
  • Iconic free outdoor shows in Dundas Square

TD Toronto Jazz Festival

  • Huge free jazz festival in late June/early July
  • Hundreds of concerts across the city
  • Blues, funk, soul, R&B, and more
  • Iconic headliners and local jazz acts

VELD Music Festival

  • Massive electronic dance music festival
  • Major international DJs perform
  • Happens in August at Downsview Park
  • Draws over 40,000 fans

Field Trip

  • Boutique outdoor music and arts festival
  • At Historic Fort York in early June
  • Indie rock, electronic, hip hop performers
  • Local food, craft market, art installations

These major fests showcase Toronto’s diversity – from EDM to jazz to indie rock. They give music lovers the chance to witness a one-of-a-kind event while learning about outstanding Canadian talent.
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Networking Opportunities at CMW

The Canadian Music Week event offers useful networking opportunities for members of the music industry in addition to the many live music acts and educational conference sessions.

Value of Networking

The foundation of the music industry is relationships and connections. Networking allows industry professionals to:

  • Meet valuable new contacts
  • Form potential collaborations
  • Share knowledge and exchange ideas
  • Advance their careers
  • Discover emerging talent

CMW facilitates productive networking through various events.

CMW Connections

CMW offers CMW Connections, a specific networking program. This features:

  • Curated networking receptions
  • Pre-scheduled one-on-one meetings
  • Exclusive VIP events

Industry experts can connect with the individuals and businesses they want to meet.

Opening Reception

All delegates who have registered are invited to an opening night reception held by CMW on the first evening. Three days of networking and partying begin with this.

Mixers and Parties

Throughout the week there are:

  • Sponsored mixers and receptions
  • Cocktail parties
  • VIP dinners
  • Late night social events

These facilitate networking in a social setting.

Awards Shows

The CMW Indie Awards and the Juno Awards opening ceremony provide opportunities for networking while honoring great talent.

Conference Hallways

Even small talk between sessions, over coffee, or in the halls might result in important relationships.

Impact on Careers

Professionals cite CMW networking as pivotal for:

  • Getting discovered by labels
  • Meeting producers, managers, or collaborators
  • Building their reputation and visibility
  • Learning insider industry intel
  • Landing job opportunities

Careers in the Canadian music industry can be seriously accelerated by the relationships developed at CMW.

Frequently Ask Questions

Toronto, Ontario hosts Canadian Music Week 2024 from June 2–8, 2024.

CMW is Canada’s premier annual music festival and conference – bringing together all facets of the country’s music industry. It provides live concerts, educational lectures, social gatherings, and more.

More than 900 artists will perform at more than 60 locations across Toronto during the CMW music festival. With a festival wristband that costs around $100, you may attend a ton of performances.

Top CMW venues include:

  • The Horseshoe Tavern
  • Lee’s Palace
  • Adelaide Hall
  • Velvet Underground
  • The Rivoli

Delegates from throughout the world, including artists, managers, labels, publishers, producers, and journalists, attend the conference.

To meet people in the industry, there are mixers, receptions, award ceremonies, and specific networking events.

Panels and workshops include pertinent business developments, technology, industry trends, and professional advancement.

Toronto is the Canadian city with the most live music venues, concerts, festivals, and local talent.

The music scenes of Queen Street West, Kensington Market, Leslieville, Parkdale, Riverside, and Ossington are all unique.

The variety of Toronto’s music culture is displayed in events like Field Trip, VELD, Canadian Music Week, NXNE, and the TD Toronto Jazz Festival.


The Canadian Music Week festival and conference will bring together musicians, business people, and music lovers from all over Canada and the world in June 2024. This prestigious annual music festival, which takes place in Toronto from June 2–8, includes hundreds of performances in addition to mentoring, networking, and business conversations. Discovering new Canadian musical talent, networking with influential figures in the domestic music business, and attending the electrifying live performances that have made Toronto the nation’s live music capital are all made possible by CMW. Don’t miss this legendary Canadian music festival in 2024!

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