Club to Club (C2C) Music Festival 2023 - Lineup, Date, Location, Ticket

The Club to Club (C2C) Festival is a prestigious music festival with a 20 year history of showcasing adventurous avant-pop music in exceptional venues like OGR and Lingotto in Turin, Italy.

Some key facts about C2C Festival has Showcased:

  • Founded in 2000
  • Held annually in November
  • 4 day festival
  • Cutting-edge lineup of electronic, pop, and hip-hop artists
  • Renowned for interdisciplinary shows merging music, art, and technology
  • Embodies values of the global avant-garde and contemporary pop culture
  • Upcoming 21st edition will run from 2nd to 5th Nov 2023

The 2023 C2C Festival promises to be another celebration of boundary-pushing music scene and creativity in Turin’s iconic venues.

Music Genres at C2C Festival

The Club to Club (C2C) Festival has always championed music that pushes boundaries. Over its twenty years history, C2C has showcased a diverse mix of genres and sounds across its adventurous and avant-pop focused lineup.

The 2023 edition running from 02 to 05 November in Turin, Italy promises to continue that tradition, with electronic, pop, hip-hop, and more represented.

Electronic Music

Electronic music has been at the core of europa C2C Festival since the beginning. The festival emerged from the underground electronic scene in Turin in the 1990s and 2000s, and electronic acts still dominate the lineup.

OGR and Lingotto, two of the main venues, are known for hosting thumping DJ sets and live electronic acts over  Club to Club (C2C)‘s four nights. Fans can expect both mainstream and underground sounds spanning house, techno, drum & bass, IDM, and more experimental forms.

Some major electronic acts at  Club to Club (C2C) 2023:

  • Flying Lotus
  • Avalon Emerson
  • Overmono
  • Evian Christ

Pop, Hip-Hop & Alternative

While this edition of  Club to Club (C2C) Festival favors the cutting-edge, it also embraces the broadly popular. Mainstream pop, hip-hop, and alternative rock acts bring variety to the lineup.

This accessibility sets  Club to Club (C2C) apart from more esoteric festivals, while still retaining its avant-garde credibility. Big names help draw diverse crowds ready to discover new music.

Some notable pop, hip-hop, and alt performers at  Club to Club (C2C) 2023:

  • King Krule (alternative/punk)
  • Yves Tumor (experimental pop)
  • Caroline Polachek (art pop)
Club to Club (C2C) Music Festival 2023 - Lineup, Date, Location, Ticket

Local Sounds & Cross-Genre Exploration

C2C Festival also spotlights local Italian talent and emerging acts that resist genre classification. Attendees can discover fresh new music across the spectrum and theme of the world.

Some homegrown and genre-fluid artists to catch at  Club to Club (C2C) 2023:

  • SPACE AFRIKA (Italian/British electronic duo)
  • Nick León (up-and-coming Florida rapper)
  • Rachika Nayar (Brooklyn-based composer/producer)

The focus on boundary-pushing music unites these diverse genres. Attendees are encouraged to expand their tastes and experience new sonic worlds.

Details of the 2023  Club to Club (C2C) Festival Edition

The 21st edition of the Club to Club (C2C) Festival taking place from 2nd to 5th November 2023 in Turin, Italy promises to be a truly memorable celebration of music, art, and culture. Here are some key details about  Club to Club (C2C) 2023.

Dates & Times

 Club to Club (C2C) Festival 2023 runs for four days:

  • Thursday 2nd November
  • Friday 3rd November
  • Saturday 4th November
  • Sunday 5th November

It is a 5-day festival including opening and closing events. Music starts in the late afternoon or early evenings and runs well into the late night and early morning hours, as is tradition for  Club to Club (C2C)‘s club-inspired programming.


The main festival venues in Turin are:

  • OGR – Officine Grandi Riparazioni
  • Lingotto Fiere

These iconic, post-industrial event spaces host the majority of performances. Additional venues around the city may be announced.

Tickets & Passes

 Club to Club (C2C) Festival offers both single day tickets and full festival passes:

  • Day tickets – Access for one day only
  • Golden Pass – Access for the full four day festival

Tickets grant access to all venues and performances on a given day. VIP options are also available.

Tickets can be purchased online via:

Passes often sell out quickly once the lineup is announced, so prospective attendees are advised to purchase early.


The official lineup for  Club to Club (C2C) Festival 2023 has not yet been announced. It will likely be revealed in summer 2023, a few months before the festival.

Based on previous years, the 2023 lineup will consist of around 50 acts spanning avant-garde electronic, pop, hip-hop, rock, and more underground genres. A mix of emerging and established artists is expected.

Once announced, the lineup will be posted across  Club to Club (C2C)‘s website and social channels.

Art, Technology & Culture

Beyond world-class music,  Club to Club (C2C) Festival incorporates interdisciplinary elements like audio/visual shows, immersive art installations, and exhibits related to technology and culture.

These avant-garde productions pair with the musical performances to create a complete sensory experience attendees won’t find anywhere else. They encapsulate  Club to Club (C2C) Festival’s ethos of pushing boundaries.

Stay tuned for details on the many creative extras planned for  Club to Club (C2C) Festival 2023!

Turin – Host City of  Club to Club (C2C) Festival

The city of Turin, Italy provides a striking backdrop for the annual Club to Club (C2C) Festival. As home to the festival for over 20 years, Turin has become inextricably linked to  Club to Club (C2C)‘s legacy.

Location & Geography

Turin is located in northwest Italy, near the border with France and Switzerland. It sits along the Po River and is surrounded by the Western Alps, providing a scenic Alpine setting.

The greater metropolitan area has a population of about 2.2 million people, making Turin Italy’s fourth largest city.

History & Culture

Founded by ancient Romans, Turin has a long and storied history. It served as the first capital of unified Italy in the 1860s. The Savoy royal family resided in Turin for centuries.

Today, Turin is a hub of culture, art, architecture, and innovation. It hosted the 2006 Winter Olympics and is home to prominent museums, universities, and the Italian automaker Fiat.

An elegant yet gritty city, Turin provides the perfect backdrop for  Club to Club (C2C) Festival’s blend of avant-garde music and post-industrial venues.

Transportation & Accommodations

Turin International Airport serves the city, with connections across Europe and intercontinental flights to North America and Asia. High-speed trains also link Turin to Milan, Paris, and beyond.

Within Turin, the metro provides efficient public transportation, along with buses, trains, and taxis.Rental cars and shared rides like Uber offer other options.

Festival-goers have a wide selection of hotels, hostels, Airbnbs, and other accommodations available for booking. Neighborhoods near the  Club to Club (C2C) venues offer the most convenience. Public transportation connects the rest of the city.

Nightlife & Entertainment

Known as the Detroit of Italy due to its automotive history, Turin also boasts a vibrant nightlife scene. The city’s late night energy helps fuel  Club to Club (C2C) Festival’s after hours events.

Clubs like The Beach, Kitchen Club, and Magazzino sul Po keep the party going into the early morning when the festivals stages close down. Bars, lounges, themed discos, and more create a dynamic atmosphere.

Local Cuisine & Bars

Between stage-hopping, revelers at  Club to Club (C2C) Festival can refuel on Turin’s famous local cuisine. Regional specialties include chocolate, pizza, pasta, and wine from the Piedmont region.

Cafés like Al Bicerin provide coffee and snacks, while elegant restaurants offer multi-course meals. Quick bites are available from street food vendors and markets around the city center too.

Amid the historic buildings, bars and pubs sling craft cocktails and beers late into the night. Clubbers can pre-game or keep the party going at these quintessentially Italian hangouts.

Club to Club (C2C) Festival 2023 Tickets & Passes

Attending the Club to Club (C2C) Festival is a bucket list item for many music fans. As passes often sell out quickly, it’s important to know your ticketing options for C2C Festival 2023 running 2nd-5th November in Turin, Italy.

Ticket Types & Pricing

 Club to Club (C2C) Festival offers several ticket types at different price points:

  • Day Tickets – Single day access
    • €TBD
  • Golden Pass – Access for all 4 days
    • €TBD
  • VIP Tickets – Upgraded experience with amenities like separate entrances, exclusive lounges, and more
    • €TBD

Early bird discounted tickets are available for a limited time after the lineup announcement. Prices then increase as the festival date approaches.

Note: Children under 5 are free. Age restrictions may apply for entry to certain venues or events.

Where to Buy Tickets

Official tickets are available via:

Only purchase from official sources to ensure valid tickets!

Beware of scalpers or secondary market resellers charging inflated prices. Buy early to secure tickets directly.

Lodging & Travel Packages

Some ticketing providers offer discounted hotel + festival packages that bundle accommodations with your tickets.

For example, Resident Advisor’s tickets page shows available travel packages that include 3-5 night stays at hotels near the main C2C venues.

These packages simplify logistics and are often cheaper than booking hotels separately.

Selling Out & Resale

C2C Festival tickets routinely sell out quickly once the lineup drops each summer. Day tickets sell out well in advance.

If you miss the initial sales period, limited tickets may still be available via waitlists or fan ticket resale exchanges like Lyte and Twickets.

These official resale platforms let current ticket holders safely resell extra tickets at face value or less. Resale inventory depends on fans, so nothing is guaranteed.

Tips & Reminders

Other C2C Festival ticketing tips:

  • Enable notifications from C2C’s social channels and mailing list to get lineup and ticket sale announcements
  • Book accommodations early, as hotels fill up
  • Review all ticket details carefully before purchasing
  • Bring printed or mobile tickets to the festival, along with ID
  • Know the festival venue addresses and maps beforehand

With some planning ahead, you can secure tickets to the premier avant-garde music festival before it sells out!

Festival Highlights & Attractions

Beyond its boundary-pushing music lineup, the Club to Club (C2C) Festival offers attendees much more over its four days in Turin, Italy. Many interactive art installations, multimedia performances, and other attractions make C2C a truly immersive experience.

Audio/Visual Performances

Entrancing audio/visual shows luminate C2C’s stages, enhancing the music through cutting-edge visuals. These hybrid performances promote avant-garde artists across disciplines.

LED walls, 3D projection mapping, strobe lighting, and other effects create sensorial experiences. Past editions featured collaborations with companies like ARTEK and Daito Manabe to push the envelope.

Art Installations

Throughout the yards and corridors of venues like OGR and Lingotto, C2C Festival showcases temporary exhibits and interactive installations.

Digital art, sculptures, immersive displays, and more avant-garde creations transform the spaces into a creative playground. Attendees experience artworks using all senses.

Many renowned and up-and-coming artists have presented at C2C over the years, aligned with the festival’s ethos of innovation.

Technology & Culture Exhibits

True to its interdisciplinary spirit, C2C Festival also hosts exhibits related to technology, new media, gaming, and culture.

Showcases demonstrate cutting-edge inventions, platforms, and ideas. Past topics include AI, cryptocurrency, social media, augmented reality, open source technology, and more through talks, demos, and interactive displays.

These exhibits aim to foster critical thought and engagement with the forces shaping society.

Late Night Performances & Art Happenings

As the scheduled festival lineup winds down each night, C2C keeps the creativity flowing into the late hours with impromptu happenings.

Surprise performances, jam sessions, and guerrilla art installations pop up, keeping attendees on their toes. There are always new sonic worlds to discover at C2C after dark.

Food, Drinks & Vendors

To keep fueled up, C2C Festival offers an array of libations and bites on site. Bars sling cocktails, craft beers, wines, and non-alcoholic drinks. Food trucks and stalls plate up snacks and meals, from crepes to gelato.

The indoor and outdoor vendor marketplace also provides opportunities to shop for one-of-a-kind fashion, artworks, accessories, collectibles, and more from local makers and brands.

Lounges & Hangout Areas

Between sets, attendees can relax in C2C’s indoor lounges and outdoor designated hangout areas. Couches, beanbags, hammocks, and other cozy seating provide space to unwind.

Charging stations keep phones and devices powered up. Friends can find each other at meeting points throughout the venue. C2C creates a welcoming, communal environment.

With attractions that engage all the senses, C2C Festival promises four days of arts, culture, and creativity alongside the music. The only way to fully experience it is to attend!

History & Memorable Moments of C2C Festival

In its 20+ year history, the Club to Club (C2C) Festival in Turin, Italy has created countless memorable moments for attendees over its now 21 editions.

Origins & Growth

C2C Festival was founded in 1999 by the local Xplosiva collective, who sought to represent underground electronic music culture in Turin.

The first edition in 2000 took place in a small club called máquina total. Afteryears of growth and venue changes, C2C relocated to its current main home at OGR starting in 2016.

From 300 attendees initially to over 30,000 today, C2C Festival has exploded into a globally renowned event, while retaining its avant-garde ethos.

Prior Lineups & Performers

Part of the excitement each year is seeing which boundary-pushing acts are announced in the lineup.

Past headliners have included electronic pioneers like Richie Hawtin, Jeff Mills, Aphex Twin, and Four Tet alongside pop visionaries like Grimes, FKA Twigs, and Janelle Monáe.

Other memorable performers include LCD Soundsystem, Laurie Anderson, Björk, Iggy Pop, Oneohtrix Point Never, and countless more.

Legendary Performances

Certain landmark performances have entered C2C lore.

Highlights include Flying Lotus previewing tracks from his acclaimed You’re Dead album in 2014, Aphex Twin playing a rare set in 2018, Jeff Mills collaborating with the Hiroshi Takahashi contemporary dance company in 2016, and many more.

These iconic sets represent both C2C Festival’s prestige and its forward-looking ethos.

Art & Technology

Pioneering art installations at C2C over the years include United Visual Artists’ sky beam sculpture, Olafur Eliasson’s glowing orb experiments, and Daito Manabe’s sensory experiences involving laser scanning and digital projections.

On the technology front, C2C has hosted innovators like digital artist Ryoji Ikeda, VR lab TheWave, holochain inventor Arthur Brock, and 3D sound system developers Envelop.

Resident Advisor Awards

C2C Festival received the Best International Festival prize at the prestigious Resident Advisor awards ceremony multiple times, underscoring its reputation within electronic music and event circles.

The award recognizes the festival’s continuing impact, evolution, and attention to detail in delivering an incomparable experience year after year.

Looking Ahead

After 20+ incredible editions, C2C Festival has firmly established itself alongside the world’s premier music events.

With an even longer legacy ahead, it’s certain that many more iconic moments are yet to come at C2C Festival in Turin!

More Details About Attending C2C Festival

Beyond the music and art, the Club to Club (C2C) Festival offers lots of amenities and activities to enhance the attendee experience in Turin, Italy.

Food & Beverages

C2C Festival provides a quality range of food and drinks onsite to keep revelers fueled up.

Bars serve up local craft beers, wines, cocktails, and non-alcoholic beverages. No outside alcohol is permitted.

Food stalls offer quick bites like pizza, paninis, crepes, kebabs, gelato, and more. Sit-down pop-up restaurants also allow for heartier meals in between sets.

Vegans, vegetarians, and those with allergies or dietary restrictions have options clearly labeled. Free potable water stations are available as well.

Merchandise & Vendors

The main festival merch booth sells official C2C Festival gear like hoodies, hats, shirts, pins, posters, and more. Many artists also have tour merch available.

Throughout the festival grounds, dozens of local vendors hawk their wares selling clothing, accessories, art prints, collectibles, crafts, and beyond. Shopping opportunities abound.

Transportation & Accommodations

Various hotels, hostels, Airbnbs, and short-term rentals are available near the C2C Festival venues and around Turin. Book accommodations early before they sell out.

The Turin metro, trams, buses, bike shares, taxis, and rideshares provide transportation during your stay. Consider lodging near metro stops for convenience.

Sightseeing & Activities

Beyond C2C, Turin offers plenty of cultural attractions, architecture, museums, galleries, cafes, restaurants, nightlife, and sightseeing for festival-goers.

Popular sights include the Egyptian Museum, Mole Antonelliana tower, Palazzo Reale, Piazza San Carlo, Palazzo Madama, and the expansive Parco del Valentino. Venture offsite during the days to explore the city!

Health & Safety

C2C Festival provides medical services, rest areas, and trained security to ensure attendees can enjoy the event safely and comfortably.

Security enforces rules prohibiting drugs, weapons, harassment, and overly aggressive behavior. Report issues to uniformed staffers.

Stay hydrated and take breaks from stages as needed. Keep valuables secured. Travel in groups at night. Be alert in crowds.


Disabled access facilities include reserved viewing areas, wheelchair/scooter rentals, accessible washrooms, sign language interpreters, and more.

Service animals are permitted. Attendees with disabilities should contact the festival ahead of time to arrange accommodations.

C2C Festival aims for an inclusive experience that all can enjoy. Reach out with any questions!

Travel Guide for Visiting Turin & C2C Festival

As the host city for Club to Club (C2C) Festival, Turin, Italy is a destination worth exploring beyond the festival itself. Make travel plans with this helpful information!

Getting to Turin

Turin International Airport serves over 50 airlines with direct flights across Europe and intercontinental routes. Travelers from North America can connect through major hubs like Paris, London, Frankfurt, and Amsterdam.

High-speed trains like the Frecciarossa provide an efficient rail link from cities like Milan, Venice, Genoa, and Rome with frequencies of every 30-60 minutes. The Torino Porta Nuova station is centrally located.

Buses, rental cars, and shared rides also offer ground transportation options for arriving in the Piedmont region.

Getting Around Turin

Public transit like the metro, trams, and buses make navigating Turin easy. Purchase tickets at kiosks, stations, or tobacco shops. Validate tickets once onboard.

The metro system has one main line, Fermi-Bengasi, connecting key areas like Porta Nuova train station and the main C2C festival grounds near Lingotto.

Taxis and rideshares supplement the metro with service across the city. Walking and biking provide transportation alternatives as well.

Where to Stay

Most lodging options are found downtown around the Roman Quarter/Quadrilatero Romano, home to key sights plus shopping and dining. This area allows easy access to C2C Festival venues via the metro.

Turin accommodation spans hotels, hostels, Airbnbs, short-term rentals, and apartments. Book early as options fill up fast during major events.

Top Sights & Attractions

Must-see attractions in Turin include:

  • Egyptian Museum – Artifacts & antiquities
  • Mole Antonelliana – Iconic tower housing cinema museum
  • Palazzo Reale – Lavish royal palace
  • Palazzo Madama – Baroque castle & art museum
  • Museo Nazionale dell’Automobile – Auto museum
  • Parco del Valentino – Massive riverfront public park

Food & Nightlife

Turin’s cuisine features chocolate, breads, pastas, wines, and Northern Italian specialties. Historic cafes like Al Bicerin are essential. Upscale eateries offer multicourse meals.

The city’s elegant cocktail bars and lounges make for lively nights out. Check out mixology havens like The Mad Dog and Pastis. Underground clubs and music venues drive the nightlife as well.

Day Trips

Turin provides convenient access for day trips into the countryside and mountains. Nearby destinations like the vineyards of Langhe-Roero and ski slopes of Via Lattea add natural beauty.

c2c travel guide will help :

  • getting to turin by flight train bus
  • getting around turin using public transport metro trams buses taxis
  • best areas to stay in turin for c2c festival
  • top attractions sights museums parks in turin
  • experiencing the food nightlife cafes bars clubs
  • ideas for day trips outside turin into nature
  • tips for booking accommodations and travel

Make the most of your trip to Turin for C2C Festival 2023 using this travel guide! The city provides the perfect backdrop for the music, arts, and culture.

Contact Info & Resources for C2C Festival 2023

Ready to start planning your trip to Turin for the Club to Club (C2C) Festival? Here are some key resources to get info, buy tickets, make arrangements, and more.

C2C Festival Official Channels


The C2C Festival website has details on lineups, tickets, venues, travel, and more. Create an account to receive announcements.

Social Media

Stay updated via C2C Festival’s social channels:

Reach out to the festival team directly with inquiries.

Phone – +39 011 5768194

Call the C2C Festival office based in Turin, Italy.

Ticket Vendors

Secure official C2C Festival tickets via:

Browse ticket types, passes, travel packages, and more. Enable ticket alerts to get notified about sales.

Travel Resources

Turin City Resources

Let the countdown begin to C2C Festival 2023 in spectacular Turin!

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