The Earth Beat Festival is New Zealand’s most innovative and transformational music and arts festival, taking place from March 20-24, 2024 at the beautiful Ātiu Creek Regional Park just north of Auckland.

This legendary 5-day event offers an epic party as well as a space for cutting-edge creativity and mind-expanding workshops across multiple stages. There is a wide selection of electronic, dub, house, techno, reggae, and other music for music enthusiasts to enjoy. There’s also comedy, theater, poetry and other performing arts.

It’s a family-friendly wonderland with free entry for kids under 14 and fun nature and play activities just for them. Camping onsite is a key part of the communal experience.

The festival celebrates Equinox and brings together all generations to learn, create, play and envision new ways of living in harmony with each other and nature.

Auckland, New Zealand Music & Arts Festival

The Earth Beat Festival takes place just north of Auckland, New Zealand at the stunning Ātiu Creek Regional Park. As New Zealand’s most innovative music and arts festival, it showcases the best of Auckland and greater New Zealand culture.

Music is central to the festival, with an emphasis on homegrown Auckland and Kiwi talent. The lineup features electronic, dub, house, techno and reggae artists from Auckland alongside national and international acts.

Beyond music, Earth Beat celebrates all forms of creativity and self-expression. There’s a full programme of comedy, theatre, poetry and other performing arts from Auckland and beyond.

Workshops and talks allow visitors to partake in interactive sessions led by Auckland creatives. Topics span from music production to poetry, communal living to environmentalism.

The festival also prominently features Māori and Pacific Islander arts, culture and values. The local Auckland iwi are involved in organising and programming. The site’s natural beauty and harmony inspire a whānau-focused vibe.

Family-friendly fun makes Earth Beat inviting to all ages and backgrounds. The Auckland community comes together to play, create, learn and envision new cultural traditions.

March 20-24 at Ātiu Creek Regional Park

The Earth Beat Festival 2024 takes place from March 20-24 at the beautiful Ātiu Creek Regional Park in Auckland, New Zealand.

Ātiu Creek is located just north of Auckland, providing a perfect natural setting for the festival. The park features lush native forest and a pristine creek running through the site.

Over 5 days and nights, Ātiu Creek is transformed into a vibrant festival wonderland. Multiple stages host live music, DJs, and other entertainment. The forest becomes illuminated with beautiful lighting and visual art installations.

Camping onsite allows festivalgoers to fully immerse in the experience. The community feeling is enhanced by collective meals from the food stalls and special sunrise and sunset programming.

The schedule has activities beginning mid-day and continuing past midnight each day. However the party goes on around the clock, especially in the campgrounds.

Don’t miss special events like the opening celebration on March 20, the Equinox sunrise gathering on March 21, and the costume-filled White Party on March 23. For the complete schedule, visit the festival website.

With early bird tickets on sale now, Earth Beat 2024 is set to sell out. Secure your place at one of New Zealand’s most legendary events!

Camping & Tickets Available

Camping at Earth Beat Festival is a quintessential part of the experience. Limited tent and campervan sites are available onsite at Ātiu Creek Regional Park. Book your camping pass early!

Via the festival website, tickets are currently for sale.  Here’s a breakdown of the options:

  • 5-Day Festival Passes
    • General Admission – starting at $265
    • VIP – access to exclusive areas
    • Payment plan available
  • Single Day Tickets – schedules TBA
    • General Admission – starting at $95
    • VIP
  • Free Entry – for kids under 14 accompanied by an adult ticket holder

As the festival approaches, ticket costs will rise. Take advantage of early bird discounts and save up to 25% by purchasing now!

Other important ticket notes:

  • Tickets are non-transferrable
  • Must be presented for entry with ID
  • Can be upgraded onsite (pending availability)

Be sure to sign up on the website for special pre-sale windows and other exclusive offers. For questions or assistance with tickets, visit the Contact page.

We’ll see you under the stars at Ātiu Creek for an unforgettable experience at Earth Beat Festival 2024!

Music: Electronic, Dub, House, Techno, Reggae

Music is the lifeblood of Earth Beat Festival, with an emphasis on diverse electronic genres and Auckland’s distinctive local scene.

The lineup showcases top electronic acts from New Zealand and abroad, playing sets late into the night. Fans of house, techno, and psytrance will be in heaven on the main stages.

Dub and reggae also feature prominently, focusing on Kiwi artists alongside international names. The chilled island vibes perfectly complement the natural setting.

Late night silent discos, drum circles, and impromptu jam sessions in the campgrounds take the music well beyond the scheduled performances.

Some of the electronic, dub, and reggae artists on the 2024 lineup include:

  • Headliners: Bonobo, Four Tet, Albion Sound System
  • Local Support: Chiccoreli, September, Dub Terminator
  • International: Oona Dahl, Channel Tres, Dirtwire

The full schedule will be announced early 2024 leading up to the festival. With early bird tickets on sale now, fans of these genres should secure their spot today!

Comedy, Theatre, Poetry Performances

Beyond the music, Earth Beat Festival celebrates all forms of creativity and self-expression. There’s a full slate of comedy, theatre, poetry and other performing arts.

Comedy acts range from standup to improv troupes. Laugh the night away with New Zealand’s hottest comedians on the dedicated comedy stage. Late night sets in the campgrounds keep the laughs going 24/7.

Theatre productions take place in the forest, with site-specific performances using the natural setting. Expect creative collaborations between Kiwi theatre companies and producers.

Poetry slams, open mics, and poetry workshops allow individuals to share their words. Poets can gather inspiration from the natural beauty surrounding Ātiu Creek.

Additional performing arts activities include:

  • Circus shows and workshops
  • Dance lessons, parties, and competitions
  • Live painting and visual arts displays

With early bird tickets on sale now, don’t miss the inspiring display of creativity behind the music at Earth Beat 2024!

Workshops, Talks, Wellness Activities

Beyond the performances, Earth Beat Festival offers numerous workshops, talks, and wellness activities.

Interactive workshops allow attendees to learn new skills and expand their horizons. Topics range from music production and flow arts to foraging and permaculture.

Talks and panels give attendees the chance to intellectually engage with issues and ideas. Acclaimed thinkers lead sessions on topics like activism, economics, technology and more.

Wellness activities provide balance and restoration. Offerings include yoga, meditation, breathwork, sound baths, and other healing arts. Massage and other treatments are available.

Additional workshop highlights:

  • Sustainable living classes
  • Foraging walks
  • Crafting and art sessions
  • Drum circles
  • Dance/flow workshops

With early bird tickets on sale now, why not treat yourself to growth and healing at Earth Beat Festival 2024?

Family-Friendly, Free Entry for Kids Under 14

A huge part of what makes Earth Beat Festival special is the family-friendly atmosphere. People of all ages and backgrounds are welcome to attend the event.

Kids under 14 get free entry when accompanied by an adult ticket holder. This allows those on a budget to still enjoy the festival as a family.

The dedicated Kids Zone provides a full programme of activities for little ones. Highlights include:

  • Arts & crafts
  • Music workshops
  • Circus activities
  • Costume making & facepainting
  • Storytelling & puppet shows
  • Nature education

Having children along enhances the communal vibe. Families stay together in the family camping areas. Kids are welcome at all music stages during child-friendly hours.

The beauty of Ātiu Creek Regional Park makes for an unforgettable outdoor adventure for children. Secure your family-friendly getaway now with early bird tickets!

Celebrating Equinox, Culture, Community

Earth Beat Festival brings together all generations to celebrate the Equinox and Kiwi culture and community.

The March 2024 timing aligns with the autumnal equinox in the Southern Hemisphere. Special gatherings like the sunrise celebration on March 21 allow attendees to reflect on themes of balance and renewal.

The festival also champions Māori and Pacific Islander cultures. In addition to world class music and arts, Earth Beat spotlights traditions like the hāngi feast.

The communal camping and activities build connections between diverse attendees. Strangers become family after sharing such a transformational experience.

Above all, Earth Beat celebrates the Auckland and New Zealand community. Attendees can enjoy homegrown music, art, comedy and food together in harmony.

The welcoming, family-friendly vibe fosters an atmosphere of joy and human connection. Secure your place in the community this March 20-24!

Transformative Experience, Vision for New Ways of Living

Above all, Earth Beat Festival aims to provide a transformative experience that opens minds and hearts. It’s a space to envision new ways of living in alignment with each other and nature.

Through world-class music, arts, culture and connection, attendees can expand their consciousness. Amid the natural splendor of Ātiu Creek, creativity flows freely.

Mind-expanding workshops encourage critical thinking about society’s status quo. Conversations shine light on how humanity could evolve together.

Within the welcoming community, we remember our shared humanity. We play and dance with childlike joy. We access higher states of being.

Earth Beat demonstrates microcosms of how life could be. It’s a “proof of concept” that a more enlightened world is possible.

The memories and lessons of this legendary event stay with attendees long after. With early bird tickets available now, take the chance to dream a new dream for humanity!

Frequently Ask Questions

The festival takes place from March 20-24, 2024 at Ātiu Creek Regional Park near Auckland, New Zealand. It runs for 5 days and nights over the autumnal equinox.

The lineup features top electronic, dub, and reggae artists from New Zealand and around the world. There’s also comedy, theater, poetry and other performing arts.

Along with music performances, there are numerous workshops, wellness activities, and talks during the daytime and early evening. Topics range from music production to activism and communal living.

Yes, Earth Beat is very family-friendly! Children under 14 enter free when an adult pays.  There’s a full Kids Zone with activities plus family camping areas.

Tickets include 5-Day Festival Passes, Single Day, and camping passes. Purchase early bird tickets by March 2023 to save up to 25%.

Sign up on the festival website to receive email updates. Follow Earth Beat on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for the latest announcements about the lineup, tickets, and more!


In conclusion, the Earth Beat Festival NZ 2024 in Auckland promises an unparalleled celebration of music, art, and culture. Set against the backdrop of Ātiu Creek, this event invites you to join an immersive experience that transcends the ordinary. With a focus on community, creativity, and the vibrant spirit of Aotearoa, securing your tickets early ensures you don’t miss out on the magic. Embrace the unique fusion of beats, explore transformative art, and become part of a legendary celebration that will leave you inspired and revitalized. The Earth Beat Festival is not just an event; it’s a cultural journey that awaits your presence in March 2024.

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