Friendship 2024 is an electronic music festival cruise setting sail from Miami on January 6th, 2024 aboard the Norwegian Joy ship. The 5-day cruise voyage stops in Belize for a 24-hour private island party at Harvest Caye featuring Skrillex. Other 2024 lineup highlights include:

  • Chris Lake
  • Boys Noize
  • Destructo
  • Bob Moses
  • Justin Martin

The beachside festivities last all night and into the morning sunrise, when founder Gary Richards will perform his signature Sunrise Sermon set. With curated music across multiple stages and surprise guests like Dita Von Teese, Friendship 2024 promises nonstop entertainment for attendees.

Friendship Festival Details

Friendship is an annual electronic music festival cruise that sets sail from Miami, Florida every January for a 5-day voyage. The 2024 edition embarks on January 6th aboard the Norwegian Joy cruise ship with over 3,500 passengers.


The trip traverses through scenic Caribbean waters, making a stop in Belize at Harvest Caye island for a 24-hour beachside blowout. Attendees can opt to sleep on the docked ship or stay up all night with sunrise views. The Norwegian Joy returns to Miami on January 11th after the island pit stop.

Lineup Highlights

Friendship 2024 boasts a star-studded lineup of DJs and live performers curated by founder Gary Richards.


  • Skrillex: Electronic icon playing an exclusive island set
  • Chris Lake
  • Boys Noize
  • Bob Moses: Canadian duo

Other Artists

  • Destructo: Richards’ DJ alias, performing signature Sunrise Sermon
  • Justin Martin
  • Rusko
  • Mr Carmack

With support from over 30 acts like Patrick Mason, Flava D, Enoo Napa, Nala and more across multiple stages, musical entertainment is non-stop.

Beyond the Decks

In addition to the stacked music roster over 96 hours, Friendship 2024 incorporates other live entertainment:

  • Go kart racing
  • Waterslides and pools
  • Stand up comedy
  • Skateboarding exhibitions
  • Burlesque cabaret starring Dita Von Teese

Theme nights, surprise sets, art installations and guest performers further amplify the experience. whether you’re watching world class DJs or racing down waterslides in the middle of the night, boredom is never on the itinerary.

The Friendship Vibe

Having sailed for over 5 years now, the Friendship cruise has become a beloved community for electronic music lovers. Over 90% sold out for 2024, the trip bears the tagline “Think of a 24-hour beach party with 4,000 of your best friends and Skrillex” accurately capturing its spirited ethos between attendees and performers alike. From its sunrise celebrations to the costume parties at 3AM, new bonds and memories thrive nonstop on this sea-bound adventure.

How to Book Tickets

With the festival occurring on a cruise ship, Friendship 2024 tickets entail booking a cabin rather than a traditional event pass. As such, ticket-holders will stay overnight on the Norwegian Joy liner for the trip’s 5-day duration from January 6th to 11th.

Package options cover occupancy needs from solo travelers to large groups across various room types. All tickets include meals, entertainment, and access to all Friendship 2024 events and venues while onboard.

Getting Tickets

Tickets can be purchased directly through The Friendship website. With over 90% of staterooms sold out, the few remaining rooms left are mainly pricer balcony and suite units.

Basic inside cabin tickets start around $1000+ per person for double occupancy. Suite prices range from $2500 to $4500+ depending on the size and amenities. Payment plans are offered to split up costs over installments.

In addition to event tickets, travelers must budget extra for flights, transportation, insurance, gratuities and shore excursions.

What’s Included?

Specifically, the following elements are covered as part of Friendship 2024 admission:

  • 5 nights onboard the Norwegian Joy cruise liner
  • All onboard meals and entertainment
  • Access to all Friendship 2024 music and events
  • Port charges and taxes

So grab tickets ASAP before the few remaining spots sell out!

Origins of Friendship Festival

The concept of Friendship first emerged in 2012 when electronic music promoter Gary Richards launched Holy Ship!, a 4-day party cruise sailing from Florida to the Bahamas. After resigning from HARD Events in 2016, Richards revived the ocean-bound festival model with the inaugural voyage of Friendship in January 2018.

From Holy Ship! to Friendship

Richards has produced electronic events since the 1990s, including early raves in Los Angeles. He went on to found HARD Events in 2007, growing it into a premier promotion company and national festival brand through marquee events like HARD Summer and HARD Day of the Dead.

In 2012, Richards capitalized on the cruise industry by chartering a liner for the first-ever Holy Ship!, billing it as a “boat load of electronic music worshippers”. With DJs performing day and night, Holy Ship! was an instant success, selling out annually for 4 consecutive years.

However, after Live Nation acquired HARD in 2015, Richards departed the company in 2016 to focus on his own Visionquest label and Destructo alias. The next year, he announced the launch of Friendship Cruise for January 2018, replacing Holy Ship! as his flagship floating festival.

Why the Rebranding?

Beyond creative differences with Live Nation, Richards wanted to refresh the ocean liner concert concept while retaining its core identity. As he told Billboard:

“I created something that was magical, and I want to reshape it in my own vision with my own integrated fan community based around the ethos of Friendship.”

He described Friendship as embodying the spirit of togetherness and good times rather than any particular genre of electronic dance music like Holy Ship! Richards also upgraded to using Virgin Voyages’ larger Scarlet Lady vessel compared to the smaller ships booked in prior years.

Within 2 days, Friendship‘s 2018 maiden journey sold out all 2,700 cabins completely–a testament to Richards’ shrewd understanding of the cruise festival market.

Frequently Ask Questions 

Friendship 2024 sets sail from Miami, Florida on January 6, 2024.

The trip visits Harvest Caye island in Belize for a 24-hour private island party before returning to Miami on January 11.

Major headlining acts include Skrillex, Chris Lake, Boys Noize, and Bob Moses.

  • It takes place on a cruise ship for 5 days/nights straight of nonstop entertainment
  • Stopover at Belize island for exclusive beach party with sunrise views
  • Diverse lineup of music, comedy, performances beyond just DJ sets
  • Vibrant community experience between attendees and artists

The 24-hour Harvest Caye festivities feature an exclusive set from Skrillex plus performances by Chris Lake, Bob Moses, Justin Martin, and others across multiple stages. Founder Gary Richards will also play one of his signature Sunrise Sermon sets.

The event caters to fans of electronic/dance music looking for a high-energy tropical getaway. Beyond the music, it also suits adventurous travelers seeking a one-of-a-kind vacation experience.

With live music around the clock across 5 days, it enables fuller immersion without logistical hassles of larger land festivals. The cruise setting facilitates closer engagement between attendees and world-class DJs compared to traditional venues.


For electronic music fans seeking a one-of-a-kind getaway, Friendship 2024 offers the ideal blend of world-class talent and tropical revelry. From its star-studded lineup to the private Belize island blowout, this 5-day party cruise balances raw energy with luxury conveniences.

An Unforgettable Journey

Beyond the stacked DJ roster, intimate artist collaborations and around-the-clock entertainment, the event facilitates genuine bonds between strangers. As founder Gary Richards told Billboard, “I created something that was magical, and I want to reshape it in my own vision with my own integrated fan community based around the ethos of Friendship.”

Indeed, veteran cruisers praise the vibes of camaderie and free-spiritedness nourished onboard year after year. Whether you’re racing go-karts with new friends at 4 AM or witnessing the sunrise over the Caribbean, there’s an almost surreal quality to the Friendship experience.

The Ultimate Bucket List Bash

From waterslides to dance music to culinary delights, the Norwegian Joy liner has it all. Combine that with a destination Belize island rager featuring Skrillex and you’ve got a matchless setting for revelry. Largely sold out annually, Friendship 2024 promises to be the hottest ticket in town once more.

Over 96 hours, attendees can partake in comedy sets, burlesque shows, skateboard exhibitions and of course world-class DJ performances. But it’s the memories made with fellow passengers that will live beyond the week, thanks to Richards’ vision. For those seeking an extraordinary vacation that exceeds a traditional music festival, this ship has sailed.

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