The iconic Rock The Park festival returns to London, Ontario July 12-15, 2024 for its 20th anniversary. This premier outdoor music festival brings together thousands of rock fans each summer.

Featuring four days of performances by top bands in rock, alternative, indie, and Americana genres, it’s a weekend packed with stellar live music.

General admission and VIP tickets will be available when the official lineup is announced. Mark your calendars for July 2024 and get ready to rock out at Harris Park! Don’t miss the best rock festival celebration in Ontario

Epic Lineup at Rock The Park Festival 2024

The lineup for Rock The Park 2024 will feature an incredible roster of top rock acts and performers. Here’s a little taste of what to anticipate:

Headline Artists

While the main headliners have yet to be announced, Rock The Park always books chart-topping bands to end each night. Past headliners include Jack Johnson, Rise Against, Weezer, and The Offspring.

Rock Genres

You’ll get a mix of rock subgenres like:

  • Classic rock – legends and vintage acts
  • Alternative – 90s and 2000s favorites
  • Indie – latest breakout bands
  • Americana – folk and blues-influenced

Emerging Talent

In addition to major acts, the lineup always includes hot up-and-coming groups and solo artists across genres. You could find your new favorite band there.

Canadian Artists

Rock The Park highlights top Canadian bands, both headliners and smaller acts. Expect a good contingent of homegrown Ontario and Canada-wide talent.

Variety of Sets

With four festival days, you’ll get a wide variety of performances:

  • Headliner sets – 1.5-2 hours
  • Supporting acts – 45 min to 1 hour
  • Acoustic sessions – intimate daytime sets

Stages and Schedules

Sets will be spread across multiple stages:

StageGenre Focus
Main StageRock headliners
Second StageIndie, alternative
Acoustic StageAmericana, folk

Schedules will be posted closer to the festival weekend. Plan out your must-see acts!

The 2024 Rock The Park lineup is shaping up to be one of the best yet. Stay tuned for artist announcements and get ready to rock out this July!

Get Your Rock The Park Festival Tickets

Once the lineup drops, it will be time to get your Rock The Park tickets! Here’s what you need to know:

Ticket Options

There are various ticket packages available for selection:

  • General Admission – entry to the festival grounds
  • VIP Tickets – access to exclusive VIP areas and amenities
  • Single-day or 3-day passes – choose your days

Purchase Locations

Tickets will be on sale at:

  • The official Rock The Park website
  • Ticketmaster and other authorized sellers
  • In-person sales locations TBA

Buy from official sources only to avoid scalpers.

Expected Ticket Prices

While prices are to be announced, here are estimated ranges:

  • General Admission: $125-150 for single-day, $325-350 for 3-day
  • VIP: $275-300 for single-day, $750-800 for 3-day

These are approximations – final pricing will be released soon!

Selling Out Fast

Rock The Park often sells out, especially with popular headliners.

  • Buy early to ensure you get a ticket
  • VIP and 3-day passes will go first

Don’t delay to secure your spot at this epic rock festival!

Camping Passes

Overnight camping packages will also be available:

  • Camp right at the festival grounds
  • Pricing TBA, likely $100-150 for the weekend
  • Limited capacity, so purchase early

Enhance your Rock The Park experience with camping!

The countdown is on to Rock The Park 2024! Check the website for updates on tickets and prices to lock in your festival plans. Let’s rock!

What To Expect at Rock The Park Festival 2024

With top-notch live music and entertainment, Rock The Park delivers an epic experience for fans. Here’s what to expect at the 2024 festival:

World-Class Performances

  • See your favorite bands rock out live on stage
  • Discover new artists from across rock genres
  • Epic sets from rock headliners on the main stage
  • Intimate acoustic sessions on side stages

Experience rock concerts like never before.

Killer Festival Grounds

  • Harris Park in downtown London right on the Thames
  • Multiple stages spread throughout the grounds
  • Food truck vendors, bars, activities
  • On-site camping and glamping options

An amazing venue to take in the shows.

Rocking Atmosphere

  • Thousands of pumped up rock music fans
  • Sing along with crowds to legendary songs
  • Celebrate rock culture and community
  • Party with old and new friends

The energy is electric.

Accessible Amenities

  • VIP tickets grant access to special lounges
  • Plenty of washrooms and free water stations
  • First aid and help stations throughout grounds
  • ATMs and phone charging stations

Enjoy the festival in comfort and convenience.

Fun for All Ages

  • Family zone with kids activities
  • All ages welcome and accommodated
  • Rock festival fun for music lovers of every generation

Rock The Park offers a great experience for all.

Get ready to rock when the festival returns July 2024! 

Rock The Park Festival’s Epic Venue

Part of what makes Rock The Park so special is its amazing venue location. Let’s look at why Harris Park is the perfect place for this premier rock festival:

Downtown London Location

  • Harris Park is right in the heart of downtown London, Ontario
  • Surrounded by restaurants, bars, hotels, and attractions
  • Walkable and accessible for attendees

The ideal urban setting.

Scenic Green Space

  • Over 140 acres of green space
  • Towering trees, flowing river, and ponds
  • Greenspace oasis amid the city

A beautiful natural backdrop for the festival.

Thames River Site

  • Situated along the Thames River
  • Main stage faces the scenic river
  • Cool breezes and views

The river provides an awesome concert setting.

Purpose-Built Stages

  • Custom stages designed for the park
  • Main stage has professional sound and lights
  • Intimate side stages for smaller acts

Stages tailored specifically for incredible performances.

Ample Amenities

  • Free water stations, washrooms, first aid
  • Charging stations and ATMs
  • Convenience to enhance the experience

Everything attendees need is on-site.

Close Camping

  • Camping and glamping options in the park
  • No need to travel after the shows
  • Immerse in the festival experience

Camp right in the heart of the action!

With its location, scenery, and amenities, Harris Park is the perfect venue for Rock The Park each year. It allows attendees to fully enjoy this incredible rock music festival in downtown London!

The Fans Who Rock The Park

One of the best parts of Rock The Park is the awesome attendees who come each year. Here’s a look at the festival’s incredible fans:

Music Lovers

  • Passionate rock music fans
  • Festival draws devotees of rock, indie, alternative, Americana
  • Love discovering new bands and hits

United by their love of guitar-driven jams.

All Generations

  • Rock music appeals to all ages
  • See grandparents rocking out with grandkids
  • Lifelong fans and new generation

Rock The Park brings together music lovers of all generations.

Far Reach

  • Fans travel far and wide
  • Attendees from across Canada, the US, and abroad
  • Chance to visit London, Ontario

It’s a destination festival for rock fans.

Party People

  • Get ready to rock and party
  • Festive summer celebration vibe
  • Fans who love music, fun, and community

The atmosphere is electric.

Returning Faces

  • Many devoted followers return year after year
  • Part of their summer plans and traditions
  • Reconnect with friends at the festival

It’s an annual reunion for rockers.

VIP Attendees

  • Special perks for VIP ticket holders
  • Access to exclusive lounges, entrances, and views
  • Celebrity guests also in attendance

A star-studded crowd joins the fun.

The passionate, far-reaching, and multi-generational fans are what make Rock The Park such a special rock festival each summer. It’s all about the love of live music and community!

History of Rock The Park Festival 2024

The Rock The Park Festival has a storied history that spans over two decades, making it a cornerstone in the world of rock music events. Let’s delve into its captivating journey, highlighting key events and evolutions.       

 Started in 2003

The roots of the Rock The Park Festival can be traced back to the year 2003 when it was first established. This marked the inception of a music extravaganza that would soon become synonymous with rock enthusiasts’ summer calendars. Initially dedicated to classic rock, it found its humble beginnings as a one-day event at Harris Park in London, Ontario. The inaugural festival brought together rock fans from near and far, laying the foundation for what would become a beloved tradition.

 Previously called “Hawk Rocks the Park”

In its early years, the festival was known as “Hawk Rocks the Park.” This name was a nod to its commitment to the rock music genre and its ambition to become a destination for showcasing the best of classic and contemporary rock acts. The change in name was not merely cosmetic; it signified a transition from classic rock to a broader rock spectrum, welcoming various sub-genres, including alternative rock, hard rock, and indie rock. This evolution was pivotal in appealing to a more diverse audience and keeping the festival fresh and relevant.

 Evolved over the years

The Rock The Park Festival did not rest on its laurels but evolved continuously to remain at the forefront of the rock music scene. Here’s a glance at its transformative journey:

  • 2011-2015: During this period, the festival continued to grow, attracting not only seasoned headliners but also emerging artists who would later become industry giants. The festival’s reputation for featuring a mix of classic and contemporary rock acts was solidified during these years.
  • 2016-2020: The festival embraced alternative rock, hard rock, and indie rock with open arms, ensuring that there was something for every rock music aficionado. The eclectic lineup became a hallmark of the event, attracting a broader audience and fostering an inclusive rock community.
  • 2021-Present: In 2021 and beyond, Rock The Park 2024 maintains its commitment to celebrating the diverse world of rock music. The festival promises a thrilling lineup, with something for fans of classic rock, alternative rock, and every shade in between. It’s a testament to the festival’s enduring legacy and its role in bringing together rock enthusiasts for a spectacular summer weekend.

In 2024, the festival is set to continue its tradition of delivering a remarkable musical experience. The extensive lineup will showcase both legendary acts and rising stars, making it a must-attend event for rock fans. With its rich history and ongoing evolution, the Rock The Park Festival is a testament to the enduring appeal and vitality of rock music. So, don’t miss out on this iconic event – secure your tickets today and be part of the rock music celebration of the year.

To make sure you’re a part of this epic experience, get your tickets for Rock The Park Festival 2024 at Harris Park, London, Ontario. Mark your calendar for this incredible rock weekend in 2024 and be prepared for an unforgettable musical journey through the ages of rock!

Frequently Ask Questions

The Rock The Park Festival began in 2003 and was initially known as “Hawk Rocks the Park.” Over the years, it has evolved to encompass various rock sub-genres, becoming a diverse and inclusive music event.

Rock The Park 2024 will be held at Harris Park in London, Ontario.

The lineup for Rock The Park Festival 2024 features a diverse range of rock acts, including classic rock, alternative rock, hard rock, and more. It promises to be an eclectic mix of rock music genres.

You can buy tickets for Rock The Park 2024 online through the official festival website or authorized ticket vendors. Since tickets sell out fast, be sure to purchase them in advance.

Rock The Park 2024 is scheduled for the month of June, but specific dates may vary from year to year. To find out the festival’s specific dates, see the official website.

Yes, there are hotels near Harris Park in London, Ontario where you can stay during the festival. It’s advisable to book your accommodation well in advance, as many festival-goers seek lodging options.

The festival usually features both well-known headliners and up-and-coming artists. The headlining acts for Rock The Park 2024 may vary, so it’s best to check the official lineup on the festival website closer to the event.

Ticket prices can vary based on the type of ticket (e.g., general admission, VIP) and when you purchase them. It’s recommended to visit the official festival website for the most up-to-date information on ticket pricing.

While Rock The Park is primarily a rock music festival, it often offers family-friendly features and activities. Be sure to check the festival’s official website for details about age restrictions and family-oriented offerings.

Rock The Park 2024 typically includes a range of features and attractions, such as food vendors, interactive experiences, and merchandise stalls. It’s not just about the music; it’s about creating a memorable festival experience for attendees.


As we conclude this journey through the history and evolution of the Rock The Park Festival, there’s no better time to highlight why this event is an absolute must for rock music enthusiasts. In 2024, it promises to be an extraordinary rock music festival weekend, and here’s why you should be part of it.

 Don’t miss Rock The Park 2024!

The tagline says it all: Don’t miss out on the Rock The Park 2024 experience. This festival is not just another music event; it’s a celebration of rock’s rich history and its vibrant present. From classic rock anthems to the latest hits, this festival caters to all generations of rock fans. Whether you’ve been a loyal follower since the early days or you’re just discovering the magic of rock, this is your chance to be part of something special. With a legacy spanning over two decades, you can trust that this event knows how to rock!

 Rock Music Festival Weekend

Imagine a whole weekend dedicated to your love for rock music. Rock The Park 2024 transforms Harris Park, London, Ontario, into a rock haven for three days. It’s not just a festival; it’s a journey through the diverse world of rock. The eclectic lineup ensures there’s something for everyone – from headbanging metal to soul-soothing ballads, from the classics to the cutting edge. It’s a weekend filled with the raw energy and captivating melodies that only rock can deliver.

However, this festival is about more than just the music. It’s a chance to connect with fellow rock fans, make new friends who share your passion, and create memories that will last a lifetime. It’s a chance to experience the thrill of live performances by your favorite bands and discover new ones that might become your future favorites. It’s a weekend where you can proudly wear your band tees and let the music move you.

Get your tickets today

The clock is ticking, and you don’t want to miss this rock extravaganza. Tickets for Rock The Park 2024 are available now, and they’re your golden pass to an unforgettable experience. Don’t wait until the last minute – secure your spot at the festival today. There’s a strong demand for the few available tickets.  You don’t want to be left out when the rock legends take the stage.

Whether you’re a fan of classic rock legends, modern rock superstars, or you’re simply looking for a fantastic summer escape, Rock The Park 2024 has it all. Get your tickets, pack your gear, and prepare for a rock music festival weekend that will leave you with stories to tell for years to come.

Don’t hesitate – be part of the legacy, the music, and the magic. Get your tickets today and let the rock’n’roll adventure of Rock The Park 2024 begin!

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