SCREAM EDMONTON 2023 is Canada’s largest Halloween dance music event. Hosted by Boodang on October 28, it promises an immersive and unforgettable experience through:

  • Electrifying beats and spine-chilling vibes
  • Stunning visuals and lighting
  • An epic lineup of internationally acclaimed DJs across multiple genres
  • Theatrics and costumes to embrace the Halloween spirit
  • Bringing together dance music enthusiasts and costume-clad revelers
  • Transporting attendees into a mesmerizing playground of sound and spectacles

This massive event creates long-lasting memories and showcases the power of music and community.

Key Details – Date, Time, Location, Venue

SCREAM EDMONTON 2023 takes place on Saturday, October 28th, 2023 at the Edmonton Expo Centre.

Key Details

DateSaturday, October 28th, 2023
Time7:00 PM – 3:00 AM
LocationEdmonton Expo Centre  7515 118 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB

The Edmonton Expo Centre is the perfect venue for this massive Halloween dance event. With over 340,000 square feet of space, it provides ample room for multiple stages, vendors, attractions, and thousands of costumed attendees to enjoy the festivities.

Conveniently located just northwest of downtown Edmonton, the Expo Centre is easily accessible by car, public transport, taxi, or rideshare. There is plenty of parking available on-site.

Getting to the SCREAM EDMONTON Venue

Here are some tips for getting to SCREAM EDMONTON 2023:

  • Drive – Take Wayne Gretzky Drive or 118th Avenue NW directly to the Expo Centre. Parking is $15 per vehicle.
  • Public Transport – Take the LRT to Coliseum Station then transfer to the #8 bus. Get off at 118th Avenue and 73rd Street, about a 5 minute walk to the venue.
  • Rideshare – Services like Uber and Lyft can drop off directly at the Expo Centre entrance.
  • Hotel Shuttle – Many nearby hotels offer complimentary shuttles to the Expo Centre for events. Check with your hotel about shuttle services.

Once inside, attendees enter an immersive playground brought to life with spectacular lighting, projections, and set designs. The cavernous main hall will feature the two main stages with larger-than-life productions and pyrotechnics. The third stage offers a more intimate experience in a side hall.

Food, Drinks & Amenities

SCREAM EDMONTON has many amenities to enhance the festival experience:

  • Bars serving cocktails and alcoholic beverages to complement the electrifying performances.
  • Food trucks and vendors providing quick bites to keep you fueled all night long. Options include burgers, poutine, pizza, and more.
  • Water stations to stay hydrated while dancing.
  • Merchandise stands with official SCREAM EDMONTON 2023 shirts, hats, hoodies, and accessories.
  • Lockers to securely store belongings while you party.
  • Free WiFi throughout the venue so you can update social media with photos and videos.
  • heated indoor area to take a break from the action.
  • First aid services for any minor medical needs.

The venue layout provides a spacious environment to enjoy the spectacular performances, while on-site amenities make it easy to have an awesome time with friends.

Hosted by Boodang – Canada’s Leading Dance Music Production Company

SCREAM EDMONTON 2023 is hosted by Boodang, one of Canada’s premier electronic dance music production companies. For over 20 years, Boodang has engineered some of the country’s largest EDM events and helped launch the careers of renowned DJs.

About Boodang

Founded in 1996, Boodang is a Toronto-based event promotion and production agency specialized in live dance music performances. They have curated lineups and produced major festivals across Canada like:

  • Digital Dreams – Toronto
  • Escapade – Ottawa
  • Boonstock – Edmonton
  • Center of Gravity – Kelowna

In addition to massive one-day raves like SCREAM, Boodang operates a record label and manages artists. Through their events and talent management, they have showcased and nurtured the careers of famous DJs like Deadmau5, Skrillex, Calvin Harris, and more.

Boodang’s influence elevated the Canadian EDM scene and transformed the dance music culture into the vibrant space it is today. Their expertise in sound, lighting, and technical production draws tens of thousands of electronic music fans annually.

Delivering an Unforgettable Experience

With over 20 years producing massive crowds, Boodang has mastered the ability to throw unforgettable Halloween dance celebrations like SCREAM EDMONTON. They utilize state-of-the-art equipment and design mind-bending stages to architect a multi-sensory playground of music, theatrics, and visual marvels.

Some of the ways Boodang delivers next-level immersive experiences are:

  • Cinematic stages with larger-than-life production value
  • Cutting-edge lighting and video mapped visuals
  • Heart-pumping surround sound systems
  • Impressive pyrotechnics and special effects
  • Theatrical performers to complement the music
  • Chilling horror elements tailored for Halloween

Past Scream events have incorporated roaming horror characters, haunted mazes, and more to enhance the spine-tingling vibe.

With Boodang’s expertise and reputation for excellence, you can expect an extraordinary event filled with music, community, and magic this Halloween. Their meticulous attention to detail and grand vision make SCREAM EDMONTON 2023 a remarkable night.

Immersive Atmosphere – Stunning Visuals, Lighting, Pyrotechnics

Beyond the music, SCREAM EDMONTON transports attendees into an otherworldly environment through immersive decor, lighting, and special effects. The team meticulously designs the venue to complement the lineup and create a multi-sensory Halloween wonderland.

Decor and Theming

The Expo Centre is completely transformed with:

  • Eerie horror theming like graveyards, haunted forests, and twisted carnivals
  • Giant spiderwebs, jack-o-lanterns, skulls, and ghoulish mannequins
  • Roaming actors in creepy costumes providing jump scares
  • Apocalyptic set pieces like smashed cars and crumbling buildings

Halloween inspired decor engulfs every inch to make you feel like you’ve stepped into a creepy movie set.

Lighting and Visuals

Cutting-edge lighting and video mapped projections create stunning visuals including:

  • Mind-bending 3D mapped animations engulfing the crowd
  • Lasers sweeping through fog-filled dancefloors
  • Blacklit environments with neon paint splatters
  • Low lit chill zones with glitchy visual arts

Pyrotechnics and Special Effects

Theatrical special effects like:

  • Massive bursts of flames and fireworks timed to drops
  • CO2 cannons spraying the crowd with icy vapor
  • Confetti showers raining down at peak moments
  • Animatronic monsters that react to the music

These embellishments make for an electrifying night where you become fully immersed into an alternate realm.

Reactive Environments

Cutting-edge technologies like motion sensors and RFID wristbands create reactive environments that interact with partiers. The lighting, video, and audio dynamically respond in real-time, blurring the lines between the virtual and physical worlds.

360 Degree Experience

The vivid imagery, rich textures, and reactive components pull you into the experience from all angles. Everywhere you look, something magical is happening whether it’s animatronics overhead or lasers flashing past. This 360 degree stimulation provides non-stop eye candy and amplifies the sense you’ve stepped into another universe.

The unparalleled production value at SCREAM EDMONTON 2023 will dazzle your senses and create a truly unforgettable experience. Let the evocative environments transport you on a journey filled with imagination and Halloween spirit.

Musical Lineup – Headliners, Genres, Internationally Acclaimed DJs

The musical lineup is integral to making SCREAM EDMONTON an epic Halloween celebration. Boodang curates a world-class roster of electronic dance music artists and DJs to keep the energy high all night long.


The headliners for SCREAM EDMONTON 2023 are:

  • Illenium – Melodic dubstep and future bass DJ/producer
  • Nicky Romero – Progressive house icon with big room anthems
  • Kream – Norwegian deep house duo

These three heavyweight acts command the main stage with their signature sound and exhilarating productions. Their sets encompass a range of styles from emotive and euphoric to heavy club bangers.

Genres & Sounds

The lineup also showcases diverse genres like:

  • House – Groovy rhythms and infectious beats
  • Bass – Heavy wubs and face-melting drops
  • Techno – Pulsing repetitive textures
  • Trance – Emotional, dreamy anthems
  • Hardstyle – Frenzied synths and aggressive energy

Whether you crave chill deep house vibes or hard-hitting bass on the dancefloor, the lineup delivers a sonic experience with something for everyone.

International & Canadian Talent

In addition to the headliners, the festival features over 20 acts representing talent from around the world:

  • Dion Timmer (Netherlands)
  • Ben Nicky (UK)
  • DJ Isaac (Canada)
  • J. Worra (USA)

Combined with local Canadian DJs, this lineup provides an electric atmosphere to dance the night away. The back-to-back sets and collaborations between artists amp up the energy.

Acclaimed DJs

Many of the DJs have graced the main stages at renowned events like Ultra, Tomorrowland, EDC, and more. The world-class roster coming together at SCREAM creates a monumental celebration.

Whether it’s your first electronic dance music festival or you’re a seasoned raver, SCREAM EDMONTON’s iconic lineup promises a night you’ll never forget. Prepare for awe-inspiring sets from the best in bass, house, melodic dubstep, and beyond as these DJs transform the Expo Centre into a magical musical playground.

Costumes and Theatrics Central to Experience

A key part of SCREAM EDMONTON’s appeal is the creative costumes and immersive theatrics that let attendees embrace their alter egos. The event is a vibrant masquerade celebrating self-expression and the spirit of Halloween.

Costume Contests

One of the highlights is the costume contest with celebrity judges awarding prizes like VIP upgrades, merchandise, and festival tickets to the most killer looks in categories like:

  • Scariest costume – Gruesome and gory
  • Funniest costume – Humorous and clever
  • Best group costume – Coordinated crews
  • Most unique costume – Original and handmade

Dress Up and Accessorize

Partiers go above and beyond to dress up with:

  • Elaborate special effects makeup like wounds and scars
  • Handcrafted masks, armor, wings, and props
  • Decked out rides covered in spiderwebs and lights

Thematic accessories like creepy contacts, costume weapons, and horror-icon t-shirts add flair. Attendees often plan their outfits for months and document the designs on social media leading up to the big night.

Theatrics and Performers

Roaming actors supplement the music with terrifying live shows including:

  • Freak shows – Contortionists, stilt walkers, fire dancers
  • Horror theater – Ghastly plays and creepy characters
  • Haunted maze – Actors frightening guests as they navigate a labyrinth

You may be having fun one moment then jump out of your skin the next if a demented clown crosses your path!

Become Your Alter Ego

The elaborate costumes and horror elements let attendees take on fantastical personas and live out wild Halloween fantasies. SCREAM is a safe environment for expressing your inner freak without judgement. For one night, you can transcend everyday life and embody any ghastly identity.

Captivating Carnival

The fusion of music, costumes, and interactive horror makes SCREAM EDMONTON an exhilarating carnival. Join the hordes of ghouls, zombies, vampires, and monsters for the greatest dress up party Alberta has to offer!

Brings Together Dance Music Enthusiasts and Costume-Clad Revelers

The vibrant mix of attendees contributes to the one-of-a-kind vibe at SCREAM EDMONTON. Music fans dressed in elaborate costumes come together to create a community celebrating creativity, self-expression, and friendship.

Dance Music Lovers

From seasoned ravers to new fans drawn by the lineup, electronic dance music enthusiasts flock to SCREAM for the world-class talent. Hearing their favorite DJs on cutting-edge sound systems makes the event a must. The communal energy on the dancefloor creates an electrifying rush.

Costume Fanatics

Halloween lovers and cosplayers plan their outfits all year for this massive costume party. Donning alter egos gives people of all backgrounds a chance to break out of their shells. The hours spent crafting together and the joy of showing off their costumes builds lasting bonds.

Diverse Crowd United by Music

Despite age, background, or subculture, SCREAM unites everyone under a shared love of music, costumes, and experiencing something extraordinary together. Strangers easily strike up friendships in the welcoming environment.

Fostering a Community

SCREAM champions PLUR values – Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect. Jamming to bass drops or dancing with new friends you just met fosters human connections. The creative costumes andunity on the dancefloor make the event greater than just about music.

A Judgement Free Playground

Outside of SCREAM people may feel constrained by societal roles and norms. But here among fellow freaks and ghouls, they can unapologetically be themselves. The welcoming vibe provides a safe space for self-expression.

Cultural Phenomenon

After over 15 years running, SCREAM has become ingrained in Edmonton’s cultural identity. For devotees, it is a highlight looked forward to all year. Lifelong bonds and memories are formed at this magical event.

By bringing together music fans and costume enthusiasts of all types, SCREAM EDMONTON has evolved into a community celebration of creativity, individuality, and friendship.

Caters to Diverse Musical Tastes with Multiple Stages

A major part of SCREAM EDMONTON’s appeal is the variety of music and experiences across its multiple stages. From mainstream DJs to underground sounds, there’s something for everyone.

Main Stage

The colossal main stage at the Expo Centre hosts headliners like Illenium, Nicky Romero, and Kream. These artists pack the hall with their epic productions and lighting rigs. The space provides ample room for thousands of ravers to dance and experience the pyrotechnic shows.

Bass Stage

The bass stage in a side hall highlights heavier styles like dubstep, drum & bass, and trap featuring acts like:

  • Dion Timmer
  • Ben Nicky
  • Hvnty

Low ceilings, thick sound systems, and cutting-edge visuals create an immersive bass music sanctuary.

House Stage

Deep underground house and techno vibes take over the third stage with DJs like:

  • J. Worra
  • Mikey Wong
  • Lost Endings

Diverse Lineup

Having multiple stages allows the lineup to cover the spectrum from mainstream to emerging underground artists. Headbangers have their space, house heads have their space, and melodic dubstep fans can vibe together.

Journey Through Genres

Attendees can create their own musical journey by wandering between stages. You may start at the main stage then make your way through the various genres as your mood shifts. The stages are close enough that you can catch portions of different sets.

Intimate Party Pods

In addition to the three main stages, intimate party pods placed throughout the venue give local DJs a platform. These mini stages create a fun sense of discovery by happening upon a private rave as you navigate the grounds.

Rave Playground

The multi-stage setup transforms Edmonton Expo Centre into a vibrant rave playground to follow your ears through. Journey from stage to stage until 5 AM enjoying the range of beats SCREAM has to offer.

With diverse musical experiences, SCREAM provides the perfect playground for seasoned ravers and first-timers alike to create their own adventure.

An Epic Celebration of Music, Community, and Halloween Spirit

For over 15 years, SCREAM EDMONTON has provided an epic Halloween celebration unifying music fans and costume enthusiasts. The event beautifully showcases the power of creative expression and community.

Music Brings People Together

One of life’s greatest joys is experiencing exceptional music with others who feel a similar passion. The heart-pumping beats and dazzling production at SCREAM bonds strangers on the dancefloor into a collective consciousness. For one night, thousands of people unite and cheer as their favorite DJs take them on a journey.

Creative Self-Expression

SCREAM provides a welcoming space for people to reveal their inner spirits. Donning elaborate costumes and makeup transforms attendees from who they are in everyday life into fantastical characters living in the moment. The amount of effort people put into their costumes is a testament to the human drive for creative self-expression.

Cultural Phenomenon

After over a decade of sold out events, SCREAM has cemented itself as a highlight of Edmonton’s cultural calendar. For devoted fans it’s both a musical pilgrimage and creative rite of passage. Many design their costumes months in advance and return year after year with new looks and friends.

Lifelong Memories

The music, theatrics, costumes, and sense of community make SCREAM an unforgettable night. From dance floor connections to chance encounters with elaborate characters, the experience fosters lifelong memories. Scream resurfaces fondly as that magical evening where real life faded away amidst new friendships, spine-tingling sounds, and collective euphoria.

Cultural Legacy

SCREAM has left a lasting imprint on Edmonton and generations of fans. Beyond those in attendance, the vibrant photos, videos, and stories spread the event’s essence. For youth, SCREAM represents a local tradition providing inspiration and community.

By celebrating creativity, self-expression, and human connection through a shared love of music, SCREAM EDMONTON has evolved into a cultural phenomenon that will be remembered forever.

Frequently Ask Questions

Scream Edmonton 2023 takes place on Saturday, October 28th at the Edmonton Expo Centre.

The main headliners are Illenium, Nicky Romero, and Kream.

Scream will feature major genres like melodic dubstep, house, trance, techno, and bass music.

You can drive and park at the venue, take public transport like the LRT, use a rideshare service, or get a hotel shuttle.

You’ll see elaborate costumes, horror themes, stunning stage visuals, pyrotechnics, and theatrical performers.

It brings together music fans and creative souls for an epic Halloween celebration fostering community.

There are food vendors, merchandise stands, water stations, lockers, free WiFi and more.

Dress up in your most creative costume and enter to win prizes in categories like scariest and funniest.

Stay hydrated, watch your belongings, stick with friends, and get help if you need it.

The world-class music, immersive theatrics, welcoming vibe, and community spirit create lifelong memories.

Creates Long-Lasting Memories and an Unforgettable Halloween Experience

From the lineup to theatrics to community spirit, every element of SCREAM EDMONTON unites to create an extraordinary Halloween experience that will leave a lasting impact.

Sets the Stage

The event brings together all the essential ingredients for magic:

  • World-class DJs that enthral
  • Mind-bending stage productions to dazzle the senses
  • Elaborate costumes and horror elements to electrify the imagination
  • A welcoming community where you can unapologetically be yourself

Fosters New Traditions

For devoted fans, SCREAM has become an annual tradition as important as carving pumpkins or watching horror movies for Halloween. The communal experience creates a new set of rituals and customs that breathe fresh life into the holiday.

Lifelong Memories

From spontaneous dance floor connections to hilarious encounters with creative characters, SCREAM forges priceless memories. Post-festival conversations always include “Remember that moment when…” as you relive the highlights.

Pictures Come Alive

Afterwards, vibrant photos and videos transport you right back, vividly recreating the atmosphere. Even years later, footage instantly ignites the emotions and energy you felt in the midst of the magic.

Annual Pilgrimage

Fans feel compelled to return each year because SCREAM holds such a special place in their hearts. It’s an unparalleled party, reunion with friends, and a chance to reinvent yourself for one night.

Cultural Time Capsule

Over 15 years, SCREAM has built a cultural legacy. For generations it encapsulates the spirit of being young, finding your tribe, and celebrating life. The event will be remembered forever as a magical time by tens of thousands.

By bringing together exceptional music, creativity, and community, SCREAM EDMONTON delivers a transcendent night that will leave you grinning ear to ear. Come ready to lose yourself in the music and create exhilarating memories that will last a lifetime!

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