Sled Island Music  Canada in June 2024

For over 15 years, the Sled Island Music & Arts Festival has showcased the vibrant local arts community in Calgary, Alberta. Taking place each June, this beloved annual event brings together over 300 talented musicians, comedians, filmmakers, and visual artists across 30+ venues.

Since its start in 2007, Sled Island has grown into a five-day celebration of music and creativity. While the festival has an emphasis on rock, indie pop, hip hop, punk, and other alternative genres, the programming also features comedy shows, art installations, and late night events. A unique element is the festival’s annual guest curator – an acclaimed musician who helps shape the lineup and direction for that year.

Sled Island provides a platform for both local Calgary artists and those from across Canada and abroad. For many attendees, it’s a chance to discover their new favorite band and appreciate the incredible homegrown talent that Calgary offers. The festival cultivates a one-of-a-kind atmosphere where fans and artists come together to embrace arts and culture.

The 2024 edition from June 19-23 promises another stellar lineup showcasing Calgary’s vibrant music scene. Experience the communal creative spirit of Sled Island this summer!

Sled Island Music  Canada in June 2024

Overview of Sled Island 2024

The 17th annual edition of Sled Island will take over Calgary from June 19-23, 2024. Here’s a look at what attendees can expect for the festival’s highly anticipated return:

A. Dates: June 19-23, 2024 in Calgary

  • 5 day festival held from Monday to Friday
  • Utilizes 30+ venues across the city
  • Lineup announcement and ticket sales: Early 2023

B. Venues Across Sled Island Music Calgary

Sled Island makes use of venues of all sizes, including:

  • Olympic Plaza – Outdoor main stage
  • The Palace Theatre – Historic theater for headliners
  • Local pubs and clubs – Discovery of new artists network
  • Art galleries – Visual art exhibitions
  • Hotel ballrooms – Comedy performances

This multi-venue format allows the festival to transform Calgary into a vibrant hive of creative activity for five days.

C. Invite Diverse Lineup

The complete lineup will be revealed in early 2023, but attendees can expect:

  • Over 300 musicians, comedians, filmmakers
  • Wide range of genres – indie rock, punk, hip hop, folk, experimental
  • Focus on emerging and independent talent
  • Guest curator selects artist picks to shape overall program
Lineup Stats

Sled Island 2024 will showcase the best of Calgary and Canada’s music and arts scene.

The festival’s diversity and forward-thinking programming creates a one-of-a-kind experience where fans can discover their new favorite artist.

Sled Island Music  Canada in June 2024

History and Growth of the Sled Island Music Festival

Sled Island has evolved from humble beginnings into a beloved pillar of Calgary’s cultural landscape.

A. Sled Island Music Founded in 2007

  • Started in 2007 by Zak Pashak, founder of Dandy Brewing Co.
  • Initial inspiration was Austin’s famous SXSW festival
  • First edition had just 100 bands across 10 venues

B. Now an Annual June Tradition

  • Held every June since 2007, except 2020 (pandemic)
  • Founder Pashak stepped down in 2017, now led by artistic director Maud Salvi
  • Grown to 300+ artists and 30+ venues

C. Expanded to 5 Days

  • Originally a 3 day weekend event
  • Expanded to full 5 day festival starting in 2013
  • Allows more opportunities to showcase artists and creativity

Growth Stats


D. Selects Guest Curators

A unique tradition is Sled Island’s annual guest curator. Tasks include:

  • Helping craft lineup and select featured artists
  • Setting tone, theme, and visuals for the festival
  • Curators are respected musicians with eclectic tastes

This tradition injects new creative energy each year.

Starting small in 2007, Sled Island has blossomed into one of Canada’s premier music festivals – a must-attend event for indie fans in Calgary and beyond.

Sled Island Music  Canada in June 2024

Sled Island’s Diverse Programming

Beyond the stellar musical lineup, Sled Island incorporates a diverse mix of programming spanning multiple art forms.

A. Music Performances

With over 200 bands and solo artists, the festival offers:

  • Headliners at venues like Olympic Plaza and The Palace Theatre
  • Discovery of emerging and independent artists at smaller venues
  • Alternative genres like indie pop, punk, garage rock, hip hop, experimental
  • Local Calgary acts alongside those from across Canada and beyond

B. Comedy Shows

Sled Island comedy sets feature:

  • Standup comedy showcases in hotel ballrooms
  • Improv performances and competitions
  • Sketch comedy troops
  • Homegrown Calgary comedians and touring comics

Laughing is just as big a part of the festival experience as the music.

C. Film Programming

The film lineup includes:

  • Feature film screenings, often music documentaries
  • Short films and animations
  • Local Calgary filmmakers are highlighted
  • Q&A sessions with directors

D. Visual and Interactive Art

This component allows attendees to:

  • View fascinating art installations across the city
  • Attend hands-on workshops and demos
  • See live mural paintings
  • Experience performance and conceptual art

The multidisciplinary mix makes Sled Island unique from other purely music festivals. There are endless creative discoveries waiting!

The Sled Island Festival Experience

Beyond the stellar lineup, Sled Island is about the communal experience of appreciating music and arts. Here’s a look at what makes the festival so special:

A. Lively Atmosphere

With 30+ venues in use, downtown Calgary transforms into a creative hub during the festival. Attendees will find:

  • Streets filled with music lovers wandering between venues
  • Impromptu jam sessions and busking on sidewalks
  • Bars, clubs, and outdoor stages overflowing with fans
  • Evening shows with high energy crowds ready to rock out

The palpable creative energy gets everyone engaged.

B. Discovering New Talent

Sled Island makes a point to book emerging, independent talent alongside established acts. For attendees, this means:

  • Checking out new bands and artists you’ve never heard of
  • Finding fresh new sounds in the alternative scene
  • Expanding your musical horizons with eclectic genres
  • Following a new favorite act from small club to stardom

C. Local Business Perks

Many Calgary businesses offer Sled Island patrons special deals like:

  • Discounted food and drinks
  • Free merchandise and giveaways
  • Shuttle services between venues
  • Extended hours to serve festival crowds

It’s a win-win for local businesses and attendees!

D. Appreciating Calgary’s Arts

Above all, Sled Island allows everyone to gain a greater appreciation for the incredible music and creativity coming out of Calgary. It instills a sense of pride in the city’s thriving arts community.

The festival experience is communal, uplifting, and inspiring – the ultimate celebration of music and creative expression. Don’t miss out on all the magic!

Planning Your Sled Island Visit

As one of Canada’s premier music festivals, attending Sled Island makes for an exciting vacation. Here are some tips to plan your perfect festival trip:

A. Find Accommodations

Lodging options in Calgary for the festival include:

  • Hotels/motels – Book well in advance as rooms fill fast
  • AirBnBs – Great way to stay in local neighborhoods
  • Hostels – Affordable dorm-style housing for budget travelers
  • Campgrounds – Closest is Calgary West KOA Journey

Aim to stay downtown near festival venues. Research transportation options from lodging to venues.

B. Getting to Calgary

Travel to Calgary:

  • Flights – Arrive at Calgary International Airport (YYC)
  • Car – Drive the scenic Banff-Calgary highway
  • Rideshares – Split costs with other Sled Island attendees

Once in the city, walking, biking, public transit or rideshares can get you between festival events.

C. Packing Tips

Don’t forget:

  • Comfortable walking shoes – Expect lots of time on your feet
  • Layered clothing for fluctuating weather
  • Sun protection – hat, sunglasses, sunscreen
  • Small backpack for carrying purchases
  • Portable phone charger and backup battery

D. Beyond the Festival

Extend your Calgary trip beyond Sled Island by:

  • Exploring neighbourhoods like Kensington, Inglewood, and Mission
  • Checking out attractions like Heritage Park, The Calgary Tower, Studio Bell
  • Trying some of Calgary’s top restaurants for steak, burgers, and craft beer

Immerse yourself in everything this vibrant city has to offer!

With smart planning, your trip to Sled Island 2024 will be an unforgettable experience. Join Calgary’s creative community this June!

Frequently Ask Questions

Sled Island is an annual music and arts festival held in late June in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The next edition, Sled Island 2023, will take place from June 21-25. Venues are located in the downtown and surrounding neighborhoods like Inglewood, East Village, and Kensington.

Sled Island showcases a diverse lineup of more than 250 bands, comedians, filmmakers and visual artists. Genres span folk, indie rock, punk, hip hop, electronic, and more. The festival highlights both local Calgary talent and notable international acts.

Some of the headliners announced so far for Sled Island 2023 include Japanese Breakfast, The Beths, Sudan Archives, Little Simz, jpegmafia, and Mr Twin Sister. More artists will be revealed in coming months

In addition to the music performances, Sled Island hosts comedy shows, film screenings, visual art exhibitions, workshops, and special events:

  • Artists-in-Residence Program: Emerging Canadian musicians collaborate and perform together
  • Late Night Programming: DJs, comedians, and bands play late night shows
  • Daytime Workshops & Panels: Discussions on art, activism, industry topics, and more

Several ticket options are available on the Sled Island website:

  • Individual tickets – Per show/event
  • Discovery pass – Access to most shows
  • VIP pass – Discovery pass + exclusive events, discounts

Yes! Volunteers play a key role in making the festival happen. You can sign up to volunteer in exchange for a festival discovery pass. Volunteer roles include venue staffing, promotions, sustainability initiatives, and more.

The Indigenous Arts Program provides opportunities for Indigenous artists to showcase their talents through exhibitions, workshops, music performances, and art installations. Sled Island partners with organizations like Making Treaty 7 to create this programming.

Festival-goers can enjoy food and drinks from local restaurants and food trucks on festival grounds. Sled Island also hosts special events like craft beer tastings and pop-up cocktail bars, including vegan options.

Businesses located near festival venues can participate through venue partnerships, vending, sponsorships, and hosting unofficial daytime programming. Contact the festival for details.

Follow Sled Island on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and subscribe to their email newsletter for artist announcements, ticket details, venue information, and more as the festival approaches!

Join Calgary’s Music Community at Sled Island 2024

For five days each June, Calgary transforms into an indie music paradise during the renowned Sled Island Music & Arts Festival. As the 17th edition approaches in 2024, here’s a look at why you need to experience this one-of-a-kind event:

A. Discover Your New Favorite Band

With over 300 diverse artists playing, Sled Island is a treasure trove for musical discovery. Open your ears to new sounds from across the alternative spectrum – indie pop, garage rock, punk, hip hop and more. Let the festival’s forward-thinking booking expand your musical horizons.

B. Appreciate Local Talent

While Sled Island draws impressive acts from across Canada and beyond, the festival has a special focus on showcasing Calgary’s local music scene. Attendees can gain a whole new appreciation for the city’s talented artists.

C. Join the Creative Community

Beyond the concerts, Sled Island brings together comedians, filmmakers and visual artists for a multi-disciplinary arts celebration. Take part in the communal spirit appreciating creativity in all its forms.

D. Experience the Festival Atmosphere

Wandering between venues, you’ll find downtown Calgary pulsing with creative energy. Don’t miss the impromptu jam sessions, lively evening crowds, and new friends bonding over great music.

E. Take Advantage of Local Perks

From discounted food and drinks to shuttle services between venues, Calgary businesses go all out to deliver perks and deals for festival goers. It’s a win-win for attendees and local companies.

With stellar programming and an energizing atmosphere, Sled Island 2024 promises an unforgettable experience for music fans. Join Calgary’s thriving arts community this June – your new favorite band is waiting!

Highly Anticipated Lineup for Sled Island 2024

One of the biggest draws of the Sled Island festival is the exciting lineup revealing who will be performing. Here’s a look at what to expect for 2024:

A. Diverse Mix of Genres

The lineup annually features a diverse mix of genres in the alternative scene including:

  • Indie rock – Upbeat guitar bands, synth pop, dream pop
  • Punk – High energy DIY acts, pop punk, hardcore
  • Hip hop – Underground MCs, avant-garde production
  • Electronic – Dance music, DJs, live audiovisual performances
  • Folk and roots – Contemporary and traditional styles

B. Eclectic Emerging Talent

Beyond the headliners, much of the Sled Island lineup consists of rising stars and independent artists who are pushing creative boundaries. Attendees can discover the next big thing before they hit it mainstream.

C. Local Calgary Artists

The festival makes a point to heavily feature homegrown Calgary talent across all genres – a chance to appreciate the local music scene.

D. Guest Curator Picks

The guest curator handpicks featured artists that fit the vibe they want to cultivate that year. Their choices get spotlighted across multiple shows.

E. Lineup Breakdown

Expect 300+ acts spanning music, comedy, film and more:

  • Musicians: 250+
  • Comedians: 30+ standup, sketch, improv
  • Filmmakers: Shorts, animation, docs
  • Visual Artists: Installations, galleries

Part of the excitement each spring is finally seeing the full Sled Island lineup drop! It’s the perfect mix for new musical discoveries.

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