SXM Festival 2024 Overview

SXM Festival 2024 is a week-long music festival taking place on the beautiful Caribbean island of Saint Martin from March 11-18, 2024. This event celebrates electronic music and dance, bringing together top international DJs and producers.

The festival features multiple stages with nonstop parties happening day and night across stunning venues like beaches, villas, and boats. Expect exceptional performances from headliners like Loco Dice and Kevin Saunderson. Join the festival in paradise for an unforgettable experience with the global dance music community!

Music and Entertainment

The heart of SXM Festival 2024 is the exceptional music and entertainment lineup curated for the event. Fans of electronic music and dance will be thrilled by the range of genres and talents on display across multiple stages.

The festival prides itself on featuring both legendary artists who helped shape these genres as well as emerging talents pushing the boundaries of house, techno, and beyond. Here are some of the highlights music fans can look forward to:

  • Headliners: The big name acts anchoring the festival include influential German DJ Loco Dice, Detroit techno pioneer Kevin Saunderson, and acclaimed British duo Eli & Fur. Their live sets will be major highlights during the peak nighttime hours.
  • Supporting Acts: A handpicked selection of top international DJs and producers rounding out the lineup includes Andrey PushkarevAnja SchneiderAJ Christou, and many more. They represent the diversity of sounds that makes SXM Festival special.
  • Local Flavor: The festival also makes room for local Caribbean artists like Fleur Shore and homegrown Saint Martin talents. Their contributions add regional vibes to the music programming.
  • Variety of Genres: While anchored in house and techno, the lineup also incorporates subgenres like deep house, melodic techno, minimal, and live electronic acts. There’s something for every dance music fan.
  • All Day Action: With both daytime and nighttime programming, there’s nonstop music and entertainment. Beach parties run from noon to sunset while headline acts perform from midnight to dawn at venues like the Arc Stage.

Beyond the scheduled artist performances, SXM Festival has plenty of surprises and special treats in store. These include unannounced pop-up sets, back to back DJ collaborations, live impromptu jam sessions, and guest appearances.

The incredible tropical island setting combined with this world-class lineup makes SXM Festival a must for any lover of dance, house, techno, or great music in general. It’s an experience not to be missed in 2024!

Venues and Parties

One aspect that makes SXM Festival truly special is its incredible collection of venues and parties spanning the island of Saint Martin. The festival takes full advantage of the gorgeous Caribbean setting.

From beach bashes to cliffside dance floors, here are some of the highlights:

  • Beach Parties: There are multiple beach parties happening daily, with DJs playing from noon to sunset by the ocean. Palm-fringed venues like Happy Bay and Orient Bay set the scene for daytime grooving.
  • Boat Parties: Festivals goers can dance the day away on catamaran cruises and watch the sunset over the water. Yachts become floating dance floors complete with top DJs.
  • Villa Parties: Luxury villas are taken over for exclusive parties with A-list DJ lineups. These lavish yet intimate events go from sunset to sunrise.
  • Stage Venues: Main venues include the open-air Arc Stage on Happy Bay Beach and the Ocean Stage at a secluded cove. Top billing acts perform here when the sun goes down.
  • Sunrise Sets: Early risers are treated to special sunrise parties at unique locations like hilltops and remote beaches. They’re the perfect start to each festival day.
  • Pool Parties: Daytime pool parties let attendees cool off and relax while still enjoying great music and drinks. Cabanas and beds add to the upscale atmosphere.

SXM Festival also promises secret and unannounced pop-up venues across the island for a sense of surprise and discovery. From jungle raves to gallery spaces, they showcase local flavor.

The intimate scale compared to massive festivals allows for an exclusive vibe. Attendees can feel part of an exclusive community of dance music fans. And the small size of Saint Martin means getting around between multiple parties is simple and stress-free.

With world-class DJs playing sunrise to sunset at incredible Caribbean venues, SXM Festival 2024 offers an unforgettable party experience. The days fly by in a blissful blur of music, beach, sun, and fun.

Tickets and Travel

Attending SXM Festival 2024 is incredibly easy and hassle-free thanks to a range of ticket and travel options.


  • Multi-day passes: Choose from 3-day, 5-day, or 7-day passes for access to general venues and parties. Prices start at $299 USD.
  • VIP upgrades: Get VIP access to exclusive areas and amenities at certain parties and venues for an additional fee.
  • All inclusive tickets: All inclusive tickets cover accommodation, parties, transport, and more. They provide the ultimate worry-free festival experience.
  • Payment plans: Pay for tickets in installments over time rather than upfront. Easy payment plans are available.

Getting to Saint Martin

  • Flights: The nearest airport is Princess Juliana International Airport on the Dutch side of Saint Martin. Many major airlines offer direct flights.
  • Boat: Luxury ferry and cruise options from neighboring islands like Anguilla, St. Barts, and the British Virgin Islands are also available.
  • Transportation: The festival offers convenient shuttles between the airport, hotels, and venues. On the island, rental cars are also available.


  • Hotels: Saint Martin has a wide range of hotels and resorts. 5-star luxury to budget options are available, many on the beach.
  • Villas: For ultimate privacy, luxury villas can be rented on both the Dutch and French sides of the island.
  • Apartments: Self-catering apartments provide a convenient and affordable accommodation choice.
  • Yacht charters: For a truly unique experience, charter a private yacht docked at Saint Martin’s marinas.

Thanks to Saint Martin’s popularity as a Caribbean destination, finding great accommodation deals even during the festival is easy.

With SXM Festival 2024 just a quick flight away and tickets starting at $299, experiencing this world-class dance music event is easy and accessible for music fans from across the globe. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to party in Caribbean paradise!

Experience SXM Festival 2024

Attending SXM Festival 2024 is about so much more than just the music and parties. It’s an opportunity to fully immerse yourself in an unforgettable experience.

Paradise Found

The sheer beauty of Saint Martin is an attraction itself. Spend your days lounging on secluded beaches with crystal blue waters. Take in spectacular sunrises and sunsets across the island’s lush green peaks and valleys. The Caribbean tropical paradise setting energizes and inspires.

Adventure Awaits

Beyond the parties, Saint Martin offers loads of adventure. Go hiking, zip lining, or scuba diving during the day. Explore charming towns and shops. The island’s diversity and natural wonders never cease to amaze.

Cultural Flavors

Don’t miss the chance to discover Saint Martin’s rich creole culture and cuisine. Savor mouthwatering local dishes and food trucks. Experience the vibrancy of the people and communities that call this island home through food, music, and customs.

Exclusive Vibes

SXM Festival’s intimate size creates an exclusive feeling. Rub shoulders and make connections with leaders and taste makers from the global dance music scene. The parties have a luxurious yet laid back bohemian vibe.

New Friends

Meet amazing people from around the world who share your passion for house, techno, and having an incredible time. Take with you friendships and memories that last a lifetime.

Recharge Your Soul

After a euphoric week of dancing under the stars, lush nature, and warm tropical breezes you’ll feel spiritually recharged. There’s no better cure for the winter blues than sunshine and great music!

With its stunning setting, luxurious vibe, and exciting adventures beyond the music, SXM Festival 2024 is so much more than just another event. It’s the ultimate party vacation experience. Start planning your island getaway now!

Frequently Ask Questions

SXM Festival 2024 will take place from March 11-18, 2024 on the island of Saint Martin in the Caribbean. The 7-day event runs for a full week.

Some of the big name headlining acts announced so far are Loco Dice, Kevin Saunderson, Eli & Fur, Andrey Pushkarev, and Anja Schneider. Additional headliners will be announced leading up to the event.

As an electronic music and dance festival, the focus is on house, techno, and related genres. But there is diversity across deep house, melodic techno, minimal, and live electronic acts.

SXM Festival stands out for its intimate scale and luxurious yet laidback vibe. The small size creates an exclusive community feel. The tropical island setting combined with world-class DJs is also special.

Tickets range from single day passes to 3-day, 5-day, and 7-day options. VIP upgrades are also available. Payment plans can spread out costs over time.

Saint Martin offers a wide range of accommodations from luxury beachfront hotels and villas to budget apartments. Consider location near festival venues and provided transport.

Explore the island’s beautiful beaches, tropical forests, hiking trails, restaurants, and towns. Water sports like scuba diving are also popular activities to enjoy.


For electronic music fans, SXM Festival 2024 is the ultimate escape and party vacation. This 7-day event taking place from March 11-18 on the idyllic Caribbean island of Saint Martin brings together everything needed for an unforgettable experience.

With a world-class lineup of DJs across house, techno, and various dance genres, nonstop music day and night, incredible venues including tropical beaches and luxury villas, and a intimate vibe unlike massive festivals, SXM offers the total package.

The festival capitalizes on Saint Martin’s natural beauty, culture, and adventure offerings beyond just the parties. Attendees can replenish themselves with sunshine, Caribbean cuisine, water sports, and exploration during the days. Then dance under the stars fueled by incredible music and energy at night.

Thanks to the small size and exclusive community feel, SXM has a luxurious yet laidback bohemian vibe. Meet like-minded friends from across the globe that share your passion for house, techno, and celebrating life. Take with you connections and memories that last a lifetime.

With early bird tickets starting at just $299 USD including accommodation discounts, there’s no better value for a music festival vacation. The 2024 edition promises to sell out faster than ever.

Join the party in paradise at SXM Festival 2024 for a one-of-a-kind experience you’ll never forget! Begin your preparations and book your trip to Saint Martin for next March now.

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